Washington, New York, London, Paris, Munich, Rome, Berlin.

Seasonal Photos

The Christmas season is over, but it is not too late to look at some of the seasonal photos. Let us start with the photos from

Washington, DC, USA

New York


In London, there are many things to see and many things to learn. Let us start with some must-see events and places. Then we shall try to learn something.


I was in Paris during the first week of 2012. The city was still bright with all those Christmas decorations. Let us look at some photos.

While in Paris in January of 2012, I stayed at hotel two blocks behind the Cafe de Flore. This cafe is just west of the cafe Les Deux Magots. If you regard yourself as a scholar, you should recognize these two classy restaurants in Paris. They are located at the Place Saint German des Pres. I am of course talking about Jean-Paul Sartre.

Let us stop the serious talk. The best way to appreciate Jean-Paul Sartre is to spend a few days at the Place Jean-Paul Sartre. I was fortunate enough to stay four nights during the second week of January (2012) at a hotel in that area. I would like to share with you some of the photos I took there.


I spent three days in Munich during the first week of 2016. I have been there several times in earlier years. Germans in this area are called Bavarians, and they are fun-loving people. I enjoy taking photos wherever I go. Munich was the capital city of Bavarian Kingdom for 800 years until the end of World War I. It is easy to change the government, but it is not possible to change the people, as Vladimir Lenin noted. Munich is still the capital city of Bavarian culture. For them, it does not have to be Christmas or New Year. They developed their own way to celebrate.


Christmas in the Vatican City (2015).


Berlin is of course the capital city of Germany with its rich and stormy history. Let us look at some photos.

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