Y. S. Kim's Einstein Page

When people find out I did my graduate work at Princeton, they ask me whether I worked with Einstein. I tell them I am not that old. Einstein left us in 1955, and I went there in 1958. However, I met a number of people who met Einstein.

    Photo by Orren Jack Turner (1947).
    The same photographer produced
    this photo of mine in 1961.
  1. I knew Eugene Wigner, and I have a number of photos with him. Here is one of them. Wigner met Einstein in Germany before they came to Princeton. I also published seven papers with Wigner.

  2. Orren Jack Turner was Princeton's prominent photographer, and he took this photo of Einstein in 1947 (now in the public domain). In 1961, he took a photo of mine the day before my commencement.
So what? What scientific significance do these photos carry?

Einstein formulated his special relativity in 1905. One hundred years later, in 2005, he came to me and asked me what I have done to make him happy. I told him I constructed this website for him, and I obtained the following research results for him.
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Photos of Bohr and Einstein are from the AIP E. Segre Visual Archives.