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Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven's statue in Bonn Germany where he was born.

This is my photo with David Oistrakh's youngest student. Her name is Rimma Sushanskaya. She is of course an established violinit.

In order to understand Beethoven, you have to understand his string music. He wrote ten (plus) violin-piano sonatas, and sixteen string quartets. I have CD sets containing all those, but I do not have recordings of David Oistrakh playing his violin. Let us connect to some of YuTube links.

David Oistrakh Plays Beethoven

I never met Oistrakh and never attended his concerts. I met however his last student named Rimma Susanskya. Here is her image playing Beethoven's Romance in G major in 1989. I met her at a Chinese restaurant in London in 1998 and had this photo with her. We talked about music.

When I mentioned the Russian film Cranes are flying, she claimed she looks like Tatyana Somoilova acting as the main figure. Tatyana is one of the most popular actresses in Russia, and I bring this photo with me when I go to Russia to tell them I have a photo with Tatyana (very high honor!). Russians in Moscow know I am not telling the truth but they still like the photo. In other places, they think she is the real Tatyana. Here is a YuTube image of Tatyana Somoilova in her movie with Proschanie Slavianki as background music.

Anne Sophie Mutter

Beethoven's String Quartets

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