Proschanie Slavianki - Videos

with Ceremonies and Marches

with a Soviet soldier in Berlin (2010).

Soviet soldiers in Moscow (1990).

with a T-34 tank, a lady and two soldiers in Kharkov where this legendary tank was developed and produced.

Russian musicians in St.Petersburg became very happy when I asked
them to play Proschanie Slavianki (2003).

Russian sodiers in Moscow (2010).
For security reasons, they do not
want their their faces to be photographed.

Stalin Organ in St. Petersburg. I was there to attend a conference in 2003.
I am with a young Russian lady
in this photo.

with Vocal Music

  1. Female Voice with photos of Soviet soldiers.

  2. Male and Female Voices with tragic war-time scenes.

  3. Female Voice with English subtitles.

  4. Cossack Chorus.

  5. with Russian and English Subtitles.

  6. with Chinese Subtitles.

  7. Accordion Version.
  8. Annother Accordionist.

with Combat Scenes

  1. with Fierce Battles.

  2. Russian Revolution.

  3. Stalingrad (1944).

  4. Stalin, T34, Stalin Tanks, etc.

  5. Photos of Russian Soldiers.


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