Students around the World

High School Students

When I was attending my all-male high school in Korea (1948-54), I was not allowed to have photos with girls. The Korean society was strictly Confucian. The same rule applied to Korean girls. There are no boys in the following photo taken in 1952. For this reason, I still like to have photos with high school boys and girls wherever I go.

These girls are wearing their high-school uniforms. How about me? I was also wearing my own high-school uniform. In this photo, I am shaking hands with General Maxwell Taylor, who was the commander of U.S. Forces in Korea at that time (1953). Under him were 330,000 combat-ready American troops. General Taylor later served as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs during the Kennedy administration and designed Kennedy's Cuban invasion plan in 1962 which included a nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union. This photo appeared in Korea's newspaper for students, and I became very popular among the girls. One of those girls later became my wife .

    Japanse girls in 1994, and
    Japanese boys in 2014.

    Boys and girls.

  • In Nara (Japan), It was a pleasure to pose with Japanese high-school girls in their uniforms (1994). When I was in high school in Korea, Korean girls were dressed like this. Korea's Confucianism did not allow boys to pose with girls at that time. It was a pleasure to do it 40 years later.
    1. Nara 20 years later in 2014. I noticed Japanese girls wearing the uniforms I used to see when I was in Korea before 1954.
    2. Unlike my days in Korea, those Japanese girls gave me their greetings. In Korea before 1954, Koreans girls were too shy to look at the boys.
    3. Japanese boys in Nara in their high-school uniforms (2014). I told them I used to wear a similar uniform before 1954 before going to the United States. They asked me what I did in the U.S. I told them I received my PhD degree from Princeton University 7 years after my high school graduation, and I am a world authority in Yukawa Hideiki (the first Japanese Nobel in physics), they became fascinated. When I asked whether they like girls, they all said YES. I gave them this web address.
    4. Japanese girls in Osaka. It was late Friday afternoon. They are relaxed and were looking for fun.
    5. Boys and girls together in Kyoto (2014). Even though their uniforms are the same as those in ancient times, boys and girls seem to mix up naturally.
    6. Another mixture of boys and girls in Kyoto.
    7. At the Osaka Castle in Osaka, these Japanese girls wanted to look like red-horned devils. I had a photo with them.
    8. Like foxes, these girls wanted to loo. The Osaka castle wall is seen in the background.
    9. Japanese boys I met in at British Museum in London (2012).

  • Students from Israel in Krakow (Poland 2002).

  • Belgian Students in Pompei (Italy 2005),

  • Chinese Mother and Daughter at the National Museum. They do not live in Beijing, but this 13-year-old daughter was spending her summer months in Beijing to learn English. While her mother was not able to speak English, the daughter was able to communicate fluently with me. The mother was somewhat lost, but was very proud of her daughter. When I proposed a photo with them, the daughter came very close to me. She perhaps thought it was the American way.

    1. Student Volunteers patrol this bridge to make sure everything is OK with everybody. They were high school students, and I became very happy with them. I went through a military training when I was a high-school student in Korea, during the Korean War (1950-53).

    2. I met these Chinese students. It was April, and the weather was not right for swimming. Yet, there were many interesting people. Chinese students can speak English and I could communicate with them.

  • Two Sweet Girls. While in Kharkov (July 2000), I invited these two girls to a photo with my colleague. They were just walking by. In November of 2001, they came to me while I was attending the Akhiezer memorial conference held in Kharkov. It was a total surprise to me. They asked me whether I brought their photos. I apologized to them and promised to put the pictures on my website, and I invited them to join me in the conference banquet. However, the conference organizers rejected my idea. Their reasoning was that these girls are too young. We were thoroughly disappointed. I could partially heal their wounds by posting these photos.
    1. High School Girls in Kharkov, Ukraine (July 2000). They seem to know how to make themselves happy, even though we think their economy is not in the best possible condition.
    2. Russian High School Girls in Kazan (1999). They seem to enjoy their freedom.
    3. with Russian Students in Dubna (north of Moscow, August 2000).

    The Russian girl wanted to have a photo without mom.

  • A Beautiful Set of Mother and Daughter. I walked into Kazan's town hall to see what was happening there. There was a wedding reception, and many teenager boys and girls came in their formal dresses. I spotted there a mother with he teenager daughter, and asked them whether I can have a photo with them.
  • Photo without Mom. Then the girl pushed away her mother, and wanted to have a photo with me alone. Her mother happliy stayed away. Beautiful people with beautiful hearts.

  • Russian Girls in Saint Petersburg (August 2003).
  • with a Russian student in Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad Region) (June 2005). She is a sophomore at Kant State University in Kaliningrad. Do you know where Kaliningrad is? Click here.

  • I spotted these two girls in the lobby of Kazan's concert hall. They agreed to be photographed, and then invited me to have a photo together.
    1. My photo with them. How do I look.
    2. Kazan's Concert Hall. Everywhere in Russia, Russians believe in music.

  • German Sudents in Toledo (Spain 2001).
    1. German Girls at a subway station in Milan (July 2002).
    2. German teacher in Verona. I met this gentle lady from Germany in Juliet's House in Verona. She was sitting on Juliet's chair, I was on Romeo's seat. She came with her students, I also had a photo with them.
    3. German Students at a pizza house near the Spanish Steps in Rome (2012).

  • Italian Girls enjoying a pre-Easter holiday (Caserta, Italy, March 2005). When I asked whether they have boyfriends, some said YES, and some NO. They all laughed.
    1. Two Mona Lisas in Milan. Look at their smiles. Their smiles are real, unlike the smile of Leonardo da Vinci's imaginary lady. This photo was produced on the street called "via Montenapoleone" in Milan (July 5, 2002).
    2. Italian Girl while waiting for a bus in Florence (2014).

  • Hungarian High School Band in Pecs. I marched with them (2002).

  • Polish High School Students at a bus stop near Warsaw's Sobieski hotel. I stayed in this hotel during my visit to Warsaw in November of 2003.
    1. Another photo with the students.
    2. Polish Students from Gdansk (2007). I met them at the Soldiers Memorial Park in Warsaw. They came here to study the history of their country. I like their sailor uniforms.
    3. These high school students were very happy to speak English to me, based on what they learned in their classrooms (2013).

  • Prom. Swedish boys and girls take their high-school graduation very seriously. I was fortunate enough to have a photo with those ladies and gentlemen (Vaxjo 2006).
    1. Another photo with happy Swedish prommers.
    2. Before the Prom Party, these young prommers were walking on the street in their prom dresses. They were looking like dolls (2006).
      I had a photo with them.
    3. Celebration. Here is another form of celebration: parade on streets and free roaming (2002).
    4. Another form of Freedom.
    5. Beer and Cigarette. I was fortunate to have a photo with them.

  • near Paris (France), two French girls on a high-speed train to Paris from Gif-sur-Yvette on July 14 (2000). They are very happy with the photos of Brooke Shields which they received from me.

  • Eton and Harrow. My high school principal used to talk about Eton and Harrow of England. Those places were unreachable to me at that time, but I went there to see those schools and talk with students.
    1. British Students at the British Museum in London (2008). They came to the Museum to study Emperor Hadrian's Roman Empire. Those British youngsters are also interested in the British Empire run by their great grandparents.

  • American student working at a steak house in Bourbon, Illinois (2003). She was working there over the weekend. She is taller than I am.
    1. American students ready to go to their high-school prom party (Reston, Virginia 2008).
    2. Ballet students attending the New York Ballet Institute (2010). I always enjoy talking about music with ladies.

    3. American HS students in New York (2014). They came from the Washington area. One of them is wearing a Univ. of Maryland shirt. I was so happy to see the shirt and asked them to pose with me.

    4. American HS students from Georgia on the front steps of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (2014). I thought the lady sitting on my left was one of the girls, but I was wrong. She was the mother of the boy sitting on my right. After finding out, I had a separate photo with the mother. The other lady in this photo is the teacher who came with those students.

College Students

  • Polish Student in Warsaw I was talking with this Polish student while waiting for a bus. She was born in 1984, and she knows her country was under communist domination until recently. This is a photo of their Palace of Culture and Science at the Center of Warsaw. This tower was built by Russians in the early 1950s as a gift of Soviets to Polish comrades. Polish people decided not to tear down this Stalinist structure because it still serves many useful purposes, and because they do not want to upset their Russian neighbors. This photo was taken in October of 2007.
    1. with a Polish student at the Market Square in Krakow (November 2002).
    2. Polish Student working at a restaurant near the University of Warsaw (October 2007).
    3. Polish Student working at the Canary Wharf (2009).
    4. Polish Student working at London's Heathrow Airport (2010).
    5. Polish student studying Korea. I met this Polish young lady at the Gdansk airport in Poland before a short flight to Copenhagen in July of 2015. She is a student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. She came to Poland to see her mom and dad during the summer vacation. She treated me as a senior citizen in the Korean style. While in Korea, she will learn Korea and Poland are essentially the same country. Click here for a detailed story.

  • Danube. Hungarian student working as a tour guide on a Danube cruise boat during the summer of 2003. She speaks English and Spanish. When I told her I am a physics professor, she was able to mention some famous names in physics. A brilliant young lady.
    1. Two students on Vaci Street, the main shopping area of Budapest.
    2. Two students at the Vorosmarty Square at the northern end of Vaci Street.
    3. Two students at the southern end of Vaci Street.
    4. Three students at a suburban residential area of Budapest. Two of them areed to have a photo with me, while the third girl took the photo.
    5. Two students working for the Wigner 111 Symposium held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2013). They are graduate students working tward their PhD degrees.

  • Seven Beauties. These students provided services during the Wigner Centennial Conference held in Pecs in July of 2002.
    1. One more beauty.
    2. Two Hungarian students. In preparation for the Wigner Centennial, I went to Pecs in April of 2000. It was a rainy day, but the students were kind enough to take turns (or compete) to provide umbrella cover for me. Very kind ladies, indeed.
    3. Two Hungarian students who worked for the Wigner centiniel conference in Pecs (2002).
    4. Three Hungarian students. These photos will explain why there are so many Hungarians in cinema industry. These students were working as secretaries for the Wigner Centennial Conference held in Pecs (July 2002).
    5. Four more students in Pecs (2002).
    6. Two students working for the Vodafone Telephone Company in Pecs.

  • Courteous French student at the Frankfurt airport (2002). This young lady stood up from her seat for me when I boarded a airport transfer bus. She thought I was an elderly man. I told her I am young enough to have a photo with her. We were going to Minsk. This photo tells we were both fully equipped to travel.
    1. French students in Geneva. They came from Nice, the city of artists in France (May 2003). They are studying commercial arts.
    2. Another courteous student in Besancon (France 2005). This student was jogging and I got lost in a park. She was eager to help, and I was able to find my way out.
    3. French student from Lyon working at a swimming pool as a life guard during the summer of 2006. The pool is in a hotel compound in a small city called St. Paul near Nice. Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse used to be among the frequent visitors to this hotel.

    4. French Students who liked to have fun photos on the steps of the Sacre-Coeur Basilica in Paris (2010).
      Mock Wedding Picture. They wanted to have a mock wedding picture. For these young ladies, wedding is something they constantly think about. Her T-shirt says "I am getting married."
    5. French Students at the Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts (2011). They became impressed when I told them I am an expert on Henri Poincare's physics and mathematics.
    6. A Set of fun-loving French Students at the Place Jean-Paul Sartre in Paris (2012).
    7. Two French students in Budapest (2013), in front of an old church.

  • with an Austrian Student, on the bank of Lake Geneva, Switzerland (July 1999). She appears to be from a conservative family, but was very kind to me. In the background is the building (red-yellow-red) now called the Wilson Park where the League of Nations used to hold its meetings.
  • Ukrainian Students in Kharkov (July 2000). A mid-aged lady sitting next to me does not seem to be interested in young people's affair.
  • Praha Quartet. I met them while attending the Advanced Study Institute on Symmetries and Spins held in Prague in July of 2001. The three girls in this photo are music students at Charles University in Prague (one of the oldest universities in the world).
  • A Student from Bulgaria. This student from Bulgaria is studying financial engineering at Princeton University (February 2002).

  • Italian Students enjoying their spring vacation in London. The London weather is not always ideal (March 2004).
  • Canadian Student on a crowded subway train in Montreal (May 2004).
    1. Canadian Students from Vancouver in Budapest (November 2014).

  • Japanese college students looking for boys. They are happy because they found one, but they have to find more (Osaka 2014).
    1. This student was wiser. She came to me alone.
    2. Two students in Tokyo waiting in the line for a movie premier (2014).

  • Japanese student studying music in Vienna. We shared an AirFrance flight from Vienna to Paris (2001.11.5). She was visiting Japan to participate in concerts given by distinguished Japanese musicians. This photo was taken at the CDG Airport in Paris. From there, she took a JAL flight to Tokyo, and I took an AF flight to Washington. She was holding her red-colored Japanese passport, and I was carrying a heavy backpack.
    1. Japanese Student in Beijing. We met at a conference held in Shangxi Province. On our way home, we met again at an up-scale department store in Beijing (1995). We were wondering why Chinese ladies should look like European ladies.
    2. Japanese student studying ballet in Tokyo. I met her in the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden (London, 2004).
    3. Todai Student in Milan. Todai means something very special and privileged in Japan. It is the "University of Tokyo." I met this Todai student in July of 2002.
    4. Japanese Students in New York. This photo was taken in the lobby of the Hotel Pennsylvania at on the 7th Ave. and 32nd Street (November 2006).
    5. Japanese Student at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (2007).
    6. Japanese students I met in Paris, near the Opera House (2010).
    7. Japanese students I met at the British Museum (London 2009).

  • Japanese students in Seoul (2017). They became amused when I told them the building behind them used to be a Mitsukosi department store before 1945.
    1. Japanese students at the Myungdong shopping district in Seoul (2017). They became surprised and happy when I spoke Japanese.

  • Japanese students in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul (2017). I asked them which university they are attending. They said "Chuo University." I the said "Chuo Daigaku" in Japanese. They became very happy when I spoke Japanese. They came here to have photos with the statue of comfort woman. They are doing their research on what really happened during the war period (1939-45).
    1. They were taking photos and notes.
    2. I had a photo with them.
    3. They became very happy when told them I am a professor in the United States, and I am expert on Dr. Yukawa Hideki who was Japan's first Nobel laureate. Here is my webpage dedicated to Yukawa.

  • with an Armenian Student in Old Montreal (Canada 2004). It was a pleasure to learn more about the history of Armenia. Armenians had to struggle for their independence throughout the history.
  • Serbian Engineering Student studying in New York. She works during the weekend at a necktie shop called "Tiecoon" in New York's Pennsylvania Railroad Station (April 2006). She became very happy when I talked about Nikola Tesla.

  • with German students in France. You should be able to tell where this photo was taken (May 1995). These girls know how to pose for the camera.
    1. German Medical Students in Dusseldorf (november 2010). They were celebrating the beginning of their traditional winter-long Carnival season which lasts until March.
    2. Humboldt University in Berlin. Students taking a lunch break (June 2006).
    3. Students from Cologne resting at the San Souci Palace in Potsdam (June 2006).

    4. Two students at the Univ. of Leizpig (2010).
    5. Students in front of the library building of the Univ. of Leizpig.
    6. German Students at a French cafe in Stuttgart (2012).

  • Spanish Student studying international trade at Berlin's Humboldt University (June 2006).
    1. Spanish Students at London's Kensington Parks (2010).

  • Belgian Students enjoying their spring vacation in Windsor, not far from London (March 2004).
  • European Students with a "Euro uber Alles" statue in Brussels (September 2008). They are from Austria, Hungary, and Belgium.

  • Chinese Student in Tai-yuan, Shanxi Provice in China (1995). A very smart and polite student. She was studying English literature at Shanxi University. Chinese Student in Chinese dress.

    1. Chinese students near the British Museum in London (2010). They came from Hong Kong. Like me, they were going to the Museum.
    2. Chinese Students at the Manchester Airport (2013).
    3. Chinese student in Edinburgh. She came from Shenyang and used to attend a Korean church there. She was quite familiar with the history of Korean Christianity.

    4. Chinese Student in Padua (2014). We were on the city bus. There are many Chinese students in Italy, or everywhere.
    5. Chinese Students at the Amsterdam Airport (2003). Chinese students are everywhere in the world.

    6. Chinese Students in Paris attending the Univ. of Sorbonne (2002).
    7. Chinese Student enjoying the Bastille day (July 14) at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris (2015).

  • Two Students at a Bus Stop in Xian (2011). I was a total stranger to them, but they had a chance to practice their English. They became very happy when I proposed a photo. They seem to know how to dress up.
    1. Engineering Graduate Students at the Xian airport (2011). They became very happy when I told them I am a physics professor in the United States. They said they hope to visit America for practical training.

    2. Two Students at Peking University. We had this photo earlier, but these girls pushed away their male classmate. In the background is the main library of the University. Chairman Mao Zedong once worked in this libray's old building.
    3. Young Chinese Students. I met them in front of Beijing's Wang-Fu-Jung book store. I always become happy whenever I meet young students.

    4. Two Chinese Students I met in the Forbidden City. They are studying Spanish. They like to go to South America.

  • Chinese student at McDonald's at Shanghai's Nanjing Road. She is studying chemistry at her college, but she wants to switch to a more abstract subject such as physics. She was talking to a right man. When I proposed a photo, she asked me to come to closer and embrace her. Her behavior was not consistent with Chinese tradition, but she wants to be kind to me who became completely corrupted by American culture.
    1. Two Chinese students with Shanghai's International Financial Center in the background (2013).
    2. Chinese students working for a tourist company in Shanghai.
    3. Three Chinese students at Shanghai'a Xintiendi (new world) district (April 2004). They were studying architecture. I told them China should stop building high-rise apartment buildings and should develop houses with beautiful gardens in the true tradition of China. They said they understood what I was saying.

    4. Young students in Chonging enjoying their evening hours (April 2014).
    5. College student at the Guangjhou Airport. She was very happy to have a photo with a professor from America.
    6. Chinese student who was all excited to go to the United States to become a graduate student at Ohio State University. She was working at the breakfast room of the hotel.

  • Navy.The U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis is an elite college producing top-class scientists. Jimmy Carter (the president of the United States 1977-1981) studied here, and was a nuclear engineer.
    1. Albert Abraham Minchelson was the first American Nobel Laureate in physics. He was an Annpolis graduate.
    2. The campus of the U.S. Naval Academy is about 50 kilometers east of Washington, DC or the campus of the University of Maryland.

  • Harvard student . I met her at a Paris restaurant near the Opera House (July 2002). She is indeed a brilliant lady, and I am convinced that she will make important original contribution in her field.
    1. Students from Rutgers. These three young ladies from Rutgers University were spending a weekend in Princeton's Hyatt Regency Hotel (February 2002). They said they like this hotel because it has a nice swimming pool, when I met them in an elevator one hour earlier. They became very close to me when I told them I am a professor, and they would wait for this photo on my webpage. You would agree that America is a beautiful country.
    2. with a Vassar student on the Miami Beach (January 2004). Before Princeton University became co-educational in 1969, Princeton boys had special relations with Vassar girls. Vassar also became co-educational in 1969. They decided their own boys.
    3. Barnard and Columbia. I met these young ladies during a summer concert by New York Pops Orchestra held at New York's Central Park (July 3, 2004).

    4. Smith College is another exclusive college for women in Massachusetts. I met these students on the campus of Stanford University in March of 2014. Very cheerful young ladies.
    5. How about Stanford ladies. They are here (March 2014).

    6. U.Penn. The University of Pennsylvania is in Philadelphia, and is another east-coast elite school. I met this cheerful student on a train from Washington to New York. She got on the train in Philadelphia. She was going home in New York for Christmas vacation (2004).
    7. 50 Years Younger. I was talking with an entering student at Carnegie Mellon University in the fall of 2004, fifty years after I went there as an entering freshman. She came from California to study architecture at CMU. She had an excellent future ahead of her.
      • Two more students 50 years younger. They seem to know how to handle their knees. 50 years ago, all female students had to cover the knees with their skirts.
      • Two students at Chatam College, all female school near the Carnegie campus. They are also 50 years younger than I am.

  • American students in China. I met these young ladies at the Nuruhachi shrine in Shenyang (August 2011). They are students from Smith College, Middlebury College, and one of the high schools in Vermont.
    1. American students in Budapest. They are roommates at the University of Washington (2008). They were making a European tour to celebrate their graduation. This photo was taken at Fisheman's Fortress. Here is my Budapest page.
    2. Two students at George Washington University, near the White House in Washington (2012).
    3. Wellesley. Hillary Clinton went to Wellesley College. she once came to the University of Maryland to give a speech, and I took photos. I was not able to have a photo with her, but I have a webpage dedicated to her.
    4. First-year graduate student at Princeton is a graduate of Wellesley College. I met her in front of Princeton's Firestone Library. In the background is the statue of John Witherspoon. He formulated the concept of campus, and invented the word campus.

  • Princeton Ladies. Princeton University was an all-male school until 1969 (graduation year 1973). These ladies a re mighty proud of being the first girls to enter Princeton. This photo was taken during the 2000 Class reunion at Princeton.
    1. Princeton students enjoying their late Sunday brunch in the Wilcox Hall dining hall (2001).
    2. Student from Bulgaria also enjoying a late Sunday.
    3. Future Secretary of State studying the world at Princeton University during her winter break (January 2002).
    4. Princeton's Class of 2007 after the P-rade.

    5. This new Princeton graduate, the day after her commencement (June 2012), came to Washington, DC with her mother to look for opportunities in the nation's capital city. Their car carries a Princeton sign.
    6. Two Princeton students at London's Heathrow Airport (March 2012). I become very happy whenever I meet Princeton boys and girls, especially in foreign lands. I still become curious when I see princeton girls because there were no female students in Princeton when I was there.

  • Brooke Shields in her graduation gown (Princeton, 1987).
    1. Brooke in preparation for the 1987 P-rade.
    2. Brooke Shields and my wife, during the graduation festival (Princeton, 1987).
    3. Brooke with her signature. Photo hanging in the Yankee Doodle Restaurant in Princeton's Nassau Inn.
    4. near Paris, two French girls very happy with the photos of Brooke Shields. We were on a high-speed train to Paris from Gif-sur-Yvette on July 14 (2000). They took the Brooke photos from my portable album and decided to keep them.
    5. Brooke in New York (2004), from the NYC Official City Guide (December 23, 2004).

  • In October of 2013, Princeton University gave a big re-union event in order to strengthen the organization of graduate alumni. I am in this photo (second from left on the third row). When I was a student (1958-61), there were no girls. Princeton started granting PhD degrees to women in 1973. It was indeed exciting to see so many female Princeton PhDs there. Here is a pdf version of this photo.
    1. Four university presidents were among the participants of this graduate school events.
    2. I am like their grandfathers to these young PhDs. Here is another photo.
    3. Male PhDs were also among the participants.
    4. Well-estblished professionals among the participants.

  • Ewha Lady. She is a graduate of Korea's elite university for women called "Ewha." This photo was taken on a double-decker Berlin bus in June (2006). She came with her mother and I came with my wife. I am surrounded by three Korean ladies.
    1. Another Ewha Lady. Graduate student studying physics at Ewha. She was an exchange student spending six months at the University of Maryland. It was indeed a pleasure to spend one afternoon/evening with her (October 2003). Since I came to the United States in 1954, I always wanted to have date with Ewha girls. Here is another photo of myself with her. I was able to arrange her photo with American boys.
    2. Ewha graduate studying at the London School of Ecumenics as a graduate student. I met her at London's Heathrow Airport in December of 2015. She was going home for the winter vacation.
    3. Hong-Ja Kim is an Ewha graduate, and is an established artist. Her art works receive international recognition. She is now a professor at Montgomery College in the Washington area. This photo was taken at a Korean art exhibition (2012).
    4. I am about five younger than this from Columbia PhD. She came from a distinguished family. Her father was a distinguished professor at one of the elite universities in Seoul. She is also a Ewha graduate.

    5. Korean Students in New York. I met these student at the Hotel Pennsylvania. This hotel is reasonably priced, and many students from foreign countries stay in this hotel. How can I miss Korean students? This photo was taken in May of 2001.

    6. Another group of Korean Students in New York outside the Korean restaurant called "Minado" (2004). This restaurant is known as a landmark Japanese restaurant, but it is owned by a Korean business man. This place changed its name to "Todai" but it is now called "Ichiumi."
    7. Korean students from Kyungju who in New York (2007) during their summer vacation. They came from the Kyungju campus of Dongguk University.

    8. Two Korean students in Salzburg, Austria (2013). We met at Mozart's childhood house. I noted that I am as old as their grandfathers.
    9. Korean students in Krakow (Poland) in December of 2013.

    10. Two Korean students at Stanford University. (2014).
    11. Two Korean students at the McDonald's in Munich. One of them was studying the Korean literature at one of the prestigious universities in Korea. It was very refreshing to talk about this interesting subject.

  • Korean graduate student at the University of Maryland (2007). She was working toward her PhD degree in music.
    1. Korean Student in my Class. She was an excellent student in my physics class during the fall semester of 2003. She then went home (in Korea) for Christmas vacation. When she came back in January of 2004, she brought a gift package for me. We had a dinner together.
    2. Korean Graduate Student working for her PhD degree at the University of Maryland (April 2004). She came from an elite university in Seoul called Yonsei. I become very happy whenever I talk with her.

  • Picasso Museum in Antibes, France (July 2002). Many Korean students spend their vacation weeks in Europe, and they like to visit historical sites. Koreans love Picasso.
    1. In Paris, near the Luxembourg Metro station, I met these Korean students (2004). I was very happy to see these healthy and strong boys.
    2. with a Korean Student at the Grand Hotel cafe near the Opera House in Paris (2005). Another photo.
    3. Two Korean students at the Louvre Museum in Paris (2008).
    4. Two Korean students I met on the Acropolis Hill of Athens (Greece 2010). We could not find anyone nearby to take a photo of all three together. Thus, they took turns to take two photos of two of us.
    5. Korean student studying in France. I met her in Rome's Colosseum (2012). She told me she likes everything in France. I seem to have a similar feeling.
    6. Korean student I met at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris (2015).

  • Sydney. With a Korean student at one of the bay-side restaurants in Sydney (Australia). In the background (across the bay, not seen in the evening) is the Sydney opera house (one of the most famous buildings in the world). One hour earlier, we were in the opera house enjoying Verdi's La Traviata (July 1998).
    1. Korean Students in Moscow (2010). They are studying cinema acting. Russians are excellent film makers.
    2. Korean Medical Student on a train from Bonn to Dusseldorf (Germany 2011). She is studying in Germany.
    3. Korean students from Germany taking a vacation trip in Strassbourg (France 2012).
    4. Korean student from Sang-Myung University in Rome's Colosseum (2012). I told her I knew the founder of her University, and she was surprised. The founder was Lady Bae Sang-Myung.
    5. Korean student in Moscow. She came from Korea to Moscow for a Tchaikovsky piano competition (2014). She came with her aunt who lives in Los Angeles, USA.