Annapolis is located 50 kilometers east of Washington. The U.S. Naval Academy is there. Annapolis is a very beautiful town, and I go there often for rest and recreation. Let us look at some photos. The Naval Academy was set up in 1845 as an elite technical college like MIT, and its most famous graduate was Albert Abraham Michelson, who was the first American physicist to get a Nobel Prize. Jimmy Carter studied nuclear physics there, and he also received a Nobel prize. He was once the president of the United States (1977-1981).

Joseph Weber was also an Annapolis graduate. He was the skipper of a small navy ship during the Pearl Harbor bombing in 1941. His ship was not important enough to be a target of the Japanese attack. After the war, he joined the University of Maryland, and dedicated his life to the detection of gravitational waves predicted by Einstein.

Joe Weber was a hard-working physicist, and I think I worked as hard as he did. Very often, Weber and I were the only ones in the physics building during the nights and weekends. We praised each other for working hard. In my case, I praised him in order to praise myself. I assume he did the same thing. I am very happy to show you my photo with him taken in 1988. He left us in 2000, and I thoroughly miss him.

The campus of the Academy is located at the corner of the Annapolis Bay (south) and the Severn River (east). Let us look at some photos.

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