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Beautiful Hearts and Minds!

How can we produce them on webpages?

Mother and Son

Every Chinse character carries a meaning. Sometime a concrete object, and sometimes a concept. There is a letter for the sun which is a tangible object. There is another letter for the moon which is also a tangible object. They combined these two characters to produce one character meaning "bright." We cannot quarrel with what Chinese did to produce this abstract concept.

Here is another example. A woman is a quite visible object, so is her son. If they are together, they generate a good feeling to everybody. Chinese produced a letter meaning "good" by combining the woman with her son. Chinese are not the only one who had this feeling. There is a very important portrait of a woman and her infant son in the Western civilization. This portrait played a pivotal role in a religion called Christianity.

Let us see some photos which will generate the concept of "good" in modern world.

Travelling Alone

I often travel alone to attend professional meetings. It is not a good experience to eat alone at a single table even in interesting restaurants. But, I always get invited by the people sitting near by to join their table and share fun with them.

Sergei Eisenstein was a creative Soviet-era film producer. We would normally think movies are produced from written books, such as "Gone with the Wind" from Margaret Mitchel's book. Eisenstein had a different idea. Take pictures first. Then construct stories from those pictures. Indeed, using webapages, we can construct abstract concepts and study what Feynman had in mind. According to Feynman and Eisenstein, I should be able to show you something abstract from a set of photos from my collection.

Yes, it is easy to draw pictures of beautifucl women, and it is even easier to photograph them these days. But is it possible to photograph beautiful minds? I am different from Feynman and other traditional artists. I am not drawing, but using photos. Unlike those traditionalists, I use more than one woman in one picture. Let us then see whether we can photograph "Beautiful Minds."

  1. Protvino (1999). I was talking with Russian secretaries while attending a conference at the Institute of High Energy Physics in Protvino (Russia). The Institute's photographer was able to see their brautiful minds, and took this photo.
  2. Two Russian Sisters. When I was attending a conference at the Volga beach near Kazan in 2000, they always stayed close to me. I asked them why they like a man as old as their grandfather. They said I am like their old brother. They knew what I like to hear. They seem to be interested in how I made out in the United States after coming from Korea when I was as young as they are now.
  3. Two Sweet Girls. While in Kharkov (July 2000), I invited these two girls to a photo with my colleague. They were just walking by. In November of 2001, they came to me while I was attending the Akhiezer memorial conference held in Kharkov. It was a total surprise to me. They asked me whether I brought their photos. I apologized to them and promised to put the pictures on my website, and I invited them to join me in the conference banquet. However, the conference organizers rejected my idea. Their reasoning was that these girls are too young. We were thoroughly disappointed. I could partially heal their wounds by posting these photos.
  4. Two Medical Doctors from Dnepropetrovsk staying at the President Hotel Kievsky in Kiev (2006). They appeared to have beautiful minds. I asked them whether I could photograph them. They invited me to sit down with them, and I had a photo with them. There are many medical doctors in my family. In order to be a successful doctor, he/she must have a beautiful mind and must always be ready to help others.

Airline Ladies are trained to show their beautiful minds to passengers. However, they can be trained so only if they have their own beautiful minds to begin with. As you know, it is not possible to teach physics to students totally without scientific minds.

Santa Claus means Beutiful Mind. I am old, but I can still have photos with Santa.

Ready to help

More Photos of Beautiful Hearts and Minds

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