Best High School in the World

  • In his Radio Interview with me,
    Doug Llewelyn asked me why my high school in Korea was the

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  • When I was a graduate student and a post-doc at Princeton (1958-62), my friends reacted to me contemptuously when I talked about what I learned during my high school years in Korea.

    If they still have active brains, I would like to invite them to look at this table:

  • During those years (1958-62), Korea did not generate good news to the world. My American friends used to tell me

    1. The best solution to the Korean problem is to give the country back to Japan. They did not (still do not) know the history of East Asia before the Pearl Harbor Day of 1941. When Americans opened the eyes to East Asia in 1941, Korea was a province of Japan.

    2. You cannot become a professor in USA, because your skin is not white. I remember the names of those who said this to me, but I cannot find them in the world of webpages.

  • These days, every year, more than 1,000 Korean students receive PhD degrees from the universities in USA. This is the true strength of Korea.

    I do not know how many Americans become PhDs every year. The number could be many more than 10,000.

    On the other hand, the number for Japan should be less than 100. I do not see Japanese students on American campuses.

    In Japan, you should be a graduate of Todai (Univ. of Tokyo) to be counted. This is Japan's most serious problem.

    I have many Japanese friends. When I tell them their Todai should be closed down, they laugh and agree with me. They seem to know their problems.

  • Thus, there are many Koreans (including me) who say Korea soon will become ahead of Japan. They are not joking.

    All we need next is the collapse of the peculiar form of government in the northern provinces of Korea. This will also come soon, I hope.

  • Americans are now waking up from their deep-rooted isolationism inherited from George Washington (never worry about what happens in the world beyond the Oceans. OK during his years, but not OK these days with high-tech systems of transportation and communication.)