TV and Radio Interviews

  • TV Interview with Jim Masters. This interview took place on the campus of the University of Maryland. He says the UMD campus is beautiful.

  • Close-up Radio Interview with Doug Llewelyn:
    1. Click here.

  • Close-up Radio Interviews with Jim Masters:

    1. Part 1,
    2. Part 2,
    3. Part 3,
    4. Part 4.

  • Presswire.

  • What was the main issue of these interviews?

  • This is the question Bohr and Einstein could have asked when they met. Yet, there are no written records to indicate they ever discussed this issue.

      I was on a train from Naples to Rome (2013). Italy is a beautiful country. I was a moving observer, and things appear differently to me according to Einstein's theory of relativity.

  • On his TV interview,

    1. Jim Masters shows the campus of the University of Maryland.
    2. He mentions Einstein many times, since Einstein is an easy word the people can comprehend.
    3. He descibes my personality with the words "persistence, perseverance, resilience, never-give-up, never-give-in, and tenacity," while I do not have these words anywhere on my webpages.

  • Doug Llewelyn asked me the following questions in his radio interview.

    1. Why is my high school (in Korea) the best high school in the world?
    2. How is it possible for me to claim that Einstein was my grandfather in physics?
    3. How many people agree with me? What was the price I had to pay to justify my claims?