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My First Two Visits to Moscow in 1990

During the Cold War era, going to Moscow was like going to the moon. In 1990, I was able to go to Moscow twice, in July and in October. While I was there in October, Mikhail Gorbachev got his Nobel peace prize. Not all Russians were happy about his prize, because they thought Gorbachev sold their country to the West. This was Russia's internal problem. I was curious about everything about the Soviet life.

Red Square and Kremlin

The Red Square is Moscow's address No.1. Let us look at some photos from there.

West of the Red Square

Along the Moskva River

Moscow State University

Moscow State University is at the top of the Sparrow Hills. From this high point, you can see every building in Moscow. Likewise, the tall tower of the University is seen from everywhere in Moscow. Let us look at some photos.

More Photos

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