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Do you know where Kazan is?

It takes about one and half hours to fly from Moscow to Kazan. So, where is this city? Look at this map.

City of Harmony?

In 2009, Hillary Clinton, as the Secretary of State of the United States, went to Russia to talk with Russian leaders. After finishing her official business in Moscow, she made an unscheduled trip to a Volga city of Kazan before coming back to the United States. The question is why? Why was Kazan so special to her?

Hillary Clinton in Russia (2009).

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which I took.

Who created the city of Kazan?

Ivan the Terrible in Kazan.

The Volga River makes a right turn
toward the Caspean Sea in Kazan.

Kazan State University

Moslems and Christians

Kazan as a Music City

Beautiful Places in Kazan

Volga Festival 2001

From June 22 to July 3, 2001, there was a physics conference entitled "Volga XIII: Recent Problems in Physics" held at a camp called "Volga" about 30 km south from Kazan (Russia). This camp is of course located along the Volga River. The life style there is somewhat different from what I am accustomed to in the United States.

Leo Tolstoy