Emperor Constantine moved from Rome to Istanbul, because he thought this city should be the capital of the world. The city was called Constantinople until 1927.

This city was called Byzantium before Constantine came. Why did he come here? We all know the reason. His new empire lasted for more than 1100 years from 330 to 1453 AD. From 1453 to 1920, Constantinople was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire. The Republic of Turkey was established in 1923 by Mustafa Kemel Ataturk.

Napoleon thought he could transform the entire world into one country under his control, with Constantinople as the capital city. We can see how he got this idea simply from the geography of the Bosphorus strait. This area is the center of the world.

What can physicists expect from this center of the world? Before producing an answer to this difficult question, let us look at some photos from Istanbul.

Interesting people and Interesting Places in Istanbul

Erdal Inonu and Group Contractions

Erdal Inonu came from a distinguished family, and is known as an exemplary public servant.
Click here for details. Why am I so enthusiastic about Inonu? The answer is very simple. He wrote an important paper with Wigner.

with Eugene Wigner at the
University of Maryland (1986).

How did I grow up as a research physicist?

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