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In this city, there are many museums dedicated to Renaissance artists. If you are a man/woman who loves thinking about the world, you should visit first the Basilica Santa Croce. Why? The Basilica of Santa Croce contains the remains of many Italians who changed the world. Among them are two Italian physicists named Galileo Galilei and Enrico Fermi. They are entombed on the inner walls of this Church.

You can meet many other Italians who affected your life, even if they are not called physicists.

Other Churches in Florence

There are many other churches in Florence. You can go to this Wikipedia page for a comprehensive list of the churches in Florence. Let us look at some of them.

Art Museums in Florence

Have you been to Florence (Italy)? It is really annoying not to see Medici's name at prominent places. Florence's most popular spot is not named after him. You have to wait for four hours in line to get into the museum named after Uffizi. Who was Uffizi? Was he richer than Medici? Yes!

The word Medici is well known to us because the Medici family supported many Renaissance artists. It is also well known that Florence was their home base for business operations. If this is the case, why could we not see the trace of this important chapter in history?

Enough about stone structures

Two Medici Girls in France

In Europe, during 15th and 16th centuries, one has to marry a girl from the Medici family to be somebody. Two French kings imported two Medici girls from Italy for their brides.

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