Wisdom of Korea (2009, January -- June)

Karl Marx

Y.S.Kim (2009.1.12)

In 1998, I was talking to a scientist from North Korea at Russia's Dubna Nuclear Research Institute. We were very kind to each other, and he was extremely polite to me because I am older than he is, according to the old Korean tradition. While talking, I told him I look like Kim Il-Sung Dongmu (do you know what dongmu means? read my story at the end of this article). He became scared. His reaction was expected because Kim Il-Sung is God to them, and I am not.

To Jewish people, money is as high as their God. Manual labor is not in Jewish culture. As I said before, they do not have labor- intensive agricultural tradition. When they were forced to carry heavy stones in Egypt, they ran away. This is known as the Exodus. Yes, Israel exports fruits to the United States these days, but Israelis regard their agriculture as a manufacturing industry with Palestinian labor force.

When Karl Marx formulated the concept of surplus value, he argued in terms of Geld (money) first and then struggled to set an equality with manual labor. In case you did not know, here is Marx's equation.

where G and G' are the values of muds and bricks respectively. G' is much greater than G. Where does then the price difference come from. Marx concluded that the difference comes from the manual work. When Marx formulated this formula, manual labor meant only dirt, sweat and smell. It was totally against civilization, particularly against Jewish value, to set up an equation between Geldt (money) and dirt.

There are many theories about how Marx was able to formulate his formula, but I do not have enough expertise to go any further, even though I can explain how Einstein derived the concept of energy = mass. The point is that Marx was a creative Jew, but he became creative when he was importing a non-Jewish value to his equation.

These days, the world's No. 1 topic is that an Afro-American became the president of the United States. But this did not happen in one day or one night. In 1954, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the segregation in schools is un-constitutional. Since then, Afro-Americans consistently struggled for their civil rights. Equally important are the contributions made by Jewish Americans. They are very skilful in dealing with legal issues, and they are very influential media and financial affairs. Those Jewish people had enough reason to expect a Jewish president from those civil right movements, but an Afro-American made it first.

My explanation is very simple, and perhaps is prejudiced. Black Americans provided manual muscle power to the development of their country, while Jewish Americans contributed only their brains.

During the Russian revolution in 1917, Jews were the major contributors in overthrowing the Czar's government and his oligarchy. Leon Trotsky was a brilliant Jewish organizer of the communist party and also of the Red army. Another Major advantage those Jews had was that Karl Marx was a Jew. Yet they were thrown out, and Trotsky had to exile. He was assassinated in Mexico by a Spanish man. Although he never revealed his background, it is safe to assume that he was an agent sent from Moscow.

Here again, the basic Jewish weakness was their lack of labor tradition, and their value was not attached to Russia's vast land. Many people openly tell me I had to work hard because I do not have enough brain. I tell them I work hard because I am smart, in accordance with Korea's agricultural tradition.

As for my latest webpages, you may visit


and check whether your photo is there. Dongmu means "dear friend," and it is a good Korean word. But communists abused this word after 1945. They used the dongmu title for their fathers, teachers, and all other senior persons. Thus, "dongmu" became an obscene word. I am not able to understand the word should become bad simply because communists use it indiscriminately.

My Dongmu page contains photos of my childhood friends, my Korean colleagues, and also of Mr. MB, Mr. DJ, as well as Lady Park Keun-Hye. Those politicians are not my personal friends, but they deserve to be in my Dongmu folder. It would not be a bad idea to call them dongmu.

American rice and Korean cars

Y.S.Kim (2009.3.5)

My Ford car is ten years old, but it still in excellent condition. However, sooner or later, I have to buy a new Ford. After hearing a rumor that the US economic stimulus package includes tax benefits to new car buyers, I went into a Ford dealer yesterday to ask whether how much cash benefit I could get if I buy a new Ford.

The sales person asked me whether I came from Korea. I asked him how he knew I am not Chinese or Japanese. He said he is afraid of Hyundai (Americans pronounce it as Hundai), and he might lose job because of Koreans.

Korean farmers don't like American rice and American beef, as American auto workers dislike Korean cars. The history is moving backward. Americans are automakers, and Koreans are farmers. What went wrong?

In the 1970s, Americans used to laugh at Japanese for making small cars. They are now in trouble, but we hope Americans have enough wisdom to move into a new generation of automobiles, and Koreans should buy more American cars.

How about Korean farm products? Koreans totally neglected their agriculture during the Park Chung-Hee era. Industrialization, exports, and ignore everything else. In this way, our farmlands was left behind. The question is how to reconstruct our agriculture. Of course, the first solution that comes to our mind is to capitalize the farm lands as American did. But we cannot compete with Americans in this way.

Another way could be to go to Israel. The Israel's environmental condition is not great for their farmers in Israel. They do not have enough water, and they carry the burden of water management. Korean farmers do not have (not yet) have this fundamental problem. Those Israelis use their scientific resources to boost their farm productivity. As I said before, agriculture is an new industry for the Jewish people.

The question is why those Jews around the world did not develop farmlands. The answer to this question is very simple for Western Europe. Those Europeans did not allow Jews to own lands. Then the next question is about Jews in Russia.

As you know, Jewish people once constructed an exemplary country known as the land of David and Solomon during the 8th and 7th Centuries BC. However, they suffered from the Babylonian invasion, and many Jews had to flee to Russia through the Caucasus mountains. Many of them again moved after Hadrian's suppression around 120 AD. At that time, Russia did not exist as a country. Russia was an empty land.

I have many Jewish friends. Some of them are close enough to exchange insulting questions. I asked them why they did not dig the land in Russia to construct a Jewish state there, and expand it an empire. Their answer was that Russia is not their land, and the only land relevant to them is the land of David and Solomon.

When I go to Russia, my Russian friends put on the dinner table food items produced by Korean farmers, in order to make me happy. Jewish people had a much longer history in Russia, but they did not grow crops there. We can laugh at them, as Americans did about small Japanese cars.

Yet, we have to learn lessons from Israel to reconstruct our agriculture. Remember that Idiot cannot learn anything from Genius, but Genius can learn things from Idiot. If you are a real genius, you can learn things even from non-Idiots.

When I was in London last month, there was an exhibition about the Babylonian Empire at the British Museum. There I could learn more about the Jewish people in the Babylonian captivity than from the Old Testament. This will be helpful to me when I write more about the Jewish people and their culture in the future.

Einstein's philosophical background

Y.S.Kim (2009.5.5)

Jewish people have a reputation of being among themselves. Thus, you are led to assume that Einstein's philosophical background had to be Jewish.

The following aspect of Marxism is quite persuasive. Philosophers write down their opinions, but someone else comes to change the world. Einstein certainly changed the world, but who was the philosopher behind him?

Adolf Hitler asked this question to German scholars. Their answer was unanimous. Einstein was interested in physics and philosophy from Koenigsberg. His philosopher was Immanuel Kant. Hitler then ordered his close subordinates to excavate Kant's grave and examine his bones to see whether Kant was Jewish. Kant was not found to be Jewish.

Indeed, I was right in saying that most creative Jewish people had a tendency to go beyond their own culture. I talked about Apostle Paul and Karl Marx creative Jews. Kant, Einstein's philosopher, was not Jewish. Then what was he? Was he a Korean? No, but he used to think like a Korean.

After I give a conference talk in Europe, one or two persons come to me and ask me whether I have a Taoist background. They ask this question privately, because they did not embarrass me during my talk. I then tell them No, but I am an Einsteinist. I then ask them whether they know Einstein was a Kanianist. They say Yes. My next question to them is whether they knew Kantianism is the same as Taoism. They say No, but they ask me how. I then tell them to look at my webpage


to see why Taoism is the same as Kantianism.

Since both Taoism and Kantianism are the products of the geographical environments, I made a trip to Koenigsberg (now Kaliningrad) to see how Kantianism grew there. You would think I am crazy, because China is a big country while Koenigsberg is small Baltic wedge between Poland and Lithuania serving these days a submarine base for the Russian navy. I went there and did enough study. You are also invited to my Kaliningrad page linked to my Kant page, and also an arxived article on the subject.

Taoism came to Korea from China through the Tang Dynasty poems. Koreans believe in harmony, but my Korean friends are telling me I am not a Korean because I do not know how to live harmoniously with other. They are wrong. They do not know what harmony is. They are fatalists, and fatalism is quite different from harmony.

How about being more positive about the harmony? If things are not the same, make them so. This is my philosophy. Let us you can build a device which will make them the same.

I translated Einstein's Lorentz covariance into the language of circle and ellipse. If an object looks like a circle for an observer in the rest frame, the same object should look like an ellipse to an observer in a moving frame. In this way, the Gell-Mann's quark model and Feynman's parton model are two different manifestations of one Lorentz-covariant quantity. This sounds like Taoism to Europeans. To me it is Einsteinism

and Kantianism. Einstein, with his Jewish root was so creative because he accommodated Kantian frame of thinking, which is the Korean way of thinking.

If you wish to be as creative as Einstein, study some Jewish culture. But, before studying other cultures, study your own root. This seem to be the most difficult problem for Koreans.

Moses and Koreans

Y.S.Kim (2009.5.13)

While Korea was under Japanese occupation from 1910 to 1845, Koreans were allowed to go to churches and study the Bible written in Korean. Indeed, Koreans learned how to read Korean letters in this way. It used to be a disgrace for educated Koreans to use their own letters.

Japanese authorities knew this, but they could not stop this trend. They allowed Koreans to study the Bible, except the second book of the Old Testament, entitled "Exist from Egypt," or Exodus in English This is the story about Moses leading his Jewish people to freedom. Japanese did not want any Koreans becoming like Moses.

Japanese however had no means to prevent Koreans from talking about Moses at home. When I was child, I heard many times from my mother and grandmother about Moses dividing the water. It was an exciting story.

There are many respectable Koreans in our history, such as King Sejong, Admiral Yi Soon-Shin, and others. We also learn lessons from many Chinese scholars and poets, such as Gongja, Sonja, Du Bo, Lee Baek. These days, Moses is as influential as those Koreans and Chinese. If you are interested in putting yourself into the Western world, you should become familiar with the values contained in the first five books of the Old Testament.

As you grow up (I think I am still growing up), you develop a tendency to translate those Bible stories into history. In this way, you gain in-depth knowledge of the Bible. Indeed, there are many books and TV programs on historical approach to Bible stories. As you probably know, this is one of my hobbies, because it is like constructing physical theories.

In physics, you start with a discrete set of data points. You can draw many different curves to connect those points, but choose the most plausible one to construct your theory.

Here Moses was born in Egypt and died near the Jordan River. Many things happened in between, but the question is how to construct a story which will connect them in a plausible manner.

There are undisputable historical facts about Moses. His mother was a Jewish woman, but he was among the Egyptian princes or high priests. According to Jewish tradition, he was a Jew because his mother was a Jewish woman. Therefore, we could not rule out the possibility of his father being non-Jewish. One of my Jewish friends told me to read an article saying that Moses was born in a priest-class Egyptian family. I did not read it because I sensed that the story would be similar to that of Victor Hugo. You may visit my Hugo webpage


and note that Victor Hugo became a great thinker because he was able to get ideas from two different worlds.

Moses with his Jewish origin (from his mother) was educated by Egyptian priests (philosophers). As I said before, Jewish people can become creative when they venture into other cultures, such as Apostle Paul, Karl Marx, and Albert Einstein. I will talk more about Moses in the future.

PS. There are many other theories about Moses. There was a TV program saying Moses was an Egyptian general, since otherwise he could not have defeated the Pharaoh's army. An interesting theory.

Concept of one God

Y.S.Kim (2009.5.16)

When I was in New York City last March, I visit the campus of Columbia University. Until 1970s, when Koreans started acquiring their own church buildings, Columbia's Earl Hall used to be the major gathering place for all Koreans in the Greater New York area. I used to go there often where I was in Princeton (1958-62). When I went there this time, there was a bust of Moses in the mail lobby, and I had a photo with him. You may go to


to see the Columbia campus, its Earl Hall, and Moses. Moses there looks very strange, but the artist had his reason to portray him like that.

Likewise, the history writer make up stories to connect the known events. Those stories are designed to serve theis own purposes. Let us examine how the concept of one god was developed.

Egypt had a very long history. Egyptians were born to serve only one person, their king called Pharaoh. They had to work day and night to build the Pharaoh's palaces and pyramids.

Under an oppressive system, people have a tendency to worship their gods. They make up their gods according to their own needs. These gods did not make things easy for the Pharaoh. Thus, the Pharaoh thought he could become their exclusive "one god," and ordered his priests to cook up a religion to entertain his one-god idea.

The Egyptian priests came up with an ideology contained in the Old Testament with one god. However, they also developed the concept of human rights, including every human being created according to God's image. People should have one day of rest after six days of hard work. These ideas did not sit very well with the Pharaoh. This created a division among the priests, resulting in the Exodus.

I did not invent the above story. It is an accepted view among the historians these days. As for the Old Testament, its first edition was written during the 7th BC century. I will talk more about this in my future articles.

I am mentioning this because Korea had an event like this. Korea's first constitution was adopted on July 17, 1948. Its author was Dr. Yoo Jin-Oh. When he wrote, he wanted to make everybody happy. He was among those upper-class Koreans who expected share the governing power in the new nation. Accordingly, the form of government was like that of Germany's Weimar Republic, where the power is distributed to many government officials, and no power for the president.

On July 16, the day before the constitution day of July 17, Rhee Seungman read the constitution in preparation for presenting it to the National Assembly. Rhee became very angry and ordered Dr. Yoo to rewrite the whole thing. Thus, Korea started with an overnight constitution. This was the origin of disharmony between Rhee and Korea's ruling class. Koreans still have to develop on their lasting constitution based on their true values. Until then, political disarray will continue.


Y.S.Kim (2009.6.6)

I was talking to an American-born student. She is a Moslem and wears her Moslem cloth all the time. She is religious, and will marry according to her religious code. She is an excellent student.

While talking about various issues, I asked her where Moses stands in her religion. She said Moses and Jesus are among the prophets. I then asked whether she believes Moses divided the sea. She said definitely Yes. She said people can find chariots of the Egyptian army at the bottom of the Red sea.

Indeed, about 80 percent of Americans believe like her, but I do not. I am interested in constructing my story based on what is happening today, especially on my own experience.

My approach is to compare the Exodus to Emperor Constantine's move from Rome to Turkey. Constantine took with him all the brains from Rome to his new city. As a result, Europe had to go through a dark age for 1,000 years, while Constantine's new empire lasted until 1500 AD. If you visit my Einstein page,


and see the top row, you may have some idea of how I developed this line of thinking.

Egypt had a long history with an oppressive system. It is only natural for Egyptian scholars to come up with human dignity and human right. They were able to develop an ideology in conjunction with their Pharaoh's desire to become one exclusive god.

The one-god ideology is OK to the Pharaoh, but other ideas were quite hostile to him. But, it is totally acceptable to enlightened Egyptian upper-class people. After going through some struggles with the Pharaoh and his supporters, this enlightened group of Egyptians decided to get out. However, those Egyptians could not live without slave labors, and they had to come with slaves.

Moses was the leader of this enlightened group, and his mother was a Hebrew slave. Thus, the Hebrew slaves were chosen to go out with those Egyptians. The group also included brilliant military people. This is why there is a theory that Moses was a general. The Exodus group was able to deal with the Pharaoh's troops. This appears to be Moses dividing the sea.

Then, what happened to those Egyptians? The Exodus group had to go through hostile weather and environments. Those Egyptians could not survive during this tortuous journey. The survivors were physically strong Hebrew slaves. There also were slave revolts during this long journey, and this could be the reason why they had to changed the direction of the journey several times.

During these revolts, the Hebrew slaves did not touch Moses, because he was one of them. He was the leader able to talk to God.

Wisdom of Korea (2009, July -- December)

Golden Bull

Y.S.Kim (2009.7.9)

I was in London last week, and spent one evening hour at London's Piccadilly Circus where you can meet many interesting people. I met a young man from Damascus. Unlike most of the Arab people I met in the past, he thinks the Moslem world should accept the Jewish people in Israel as friendly neighbors. I then asked whether this is possible while the Golan Heights are still occupied by Israel. His answer was that the Golan Heights question can be settled once the genuine peace agreement is reached.

Since he seems to be a reasonable person, I started talking about Moses. According to him, Moses was an Egyptian priest with a Jewish mother, and the Exodus before crossing the Red Sea was strictly an Egyptian affair. It became a Jewish affair after those Jewish slaves revolted against their Egyptian masters near Mount Sinai. I then asked him how he knows this. He said he was told by his grandfather, and that there are many things not written in the Bible. He said his grandfather heard this story also from his grandfather.

His story appears to be quite consistent with what I was going to write about in my Moses story. I then asked where those Jews got the gold to construct a huge golden statue of the bull. His answer was that Jewish people are smart and they got the gold somehow. I told him I am smart, and many people agree with me. But I could not produce gold out of nothing. I wish I could. We laughed.

Let us find out how those Jewish slaves produced that much gold. According to the Book of Exodus, the Egyptian Pharaoh initially let the Exodus group to leave the country, as North Korean authorities allowed Christians, landowners, and intellectuals to go the South during the years 1945-47 before imposing the communist rule there. The Exodus people were troublesome to the Pharaoh. Then, why did he decide to chase the Exodus group?

Here is my answer this question. The Exodus people came out with the gold stocks in the Egyptian treasury. The Pharaoh did not know this initially, but he later sent his troops to recover the gold.

The Jewish slaves were forced to carry the gold bars. In the middle of the Sinai desert, those slaves took the gold from the Egyptians and became the masters. Indeed, the liberation of the Jewish people took place here. There indeed was enough reason for those slaves to celebrate. This is what the Golden Bull is about.

How do I know, or how could I construct this story? My father was a high-ranking official at the Ministry of Defence in 1950. North Korean troops came to the north-eastern corner of Seoul three days after crossing the 38th parallel on June 25. The Korean government decided to move from Seoul in the morning of this third day.

Then what should they do with the gold bricks stored in the basement of the Bank of Korea building. My father was in charge of bringing those gold bricks to the south, and was in one of the trucks carrying the gold. The problem was not over. How to safeguard from looting? Can you leave them on exposed trucks?

The solution was to store them on an American navy ship. This is how those gold stocks were preserved during those difficult days. Not many people know this aspect of the Korean war. I seem to be in a position to write my own verson of the Golden Bull.

Let us change the story. Our young people become very happy when I tell them about my meetings with them. For this reason, I am known as a person with exceptional memory power. Let us accept this. Then what can I do with my memory power? I could use it very effectively when I taking exams while I was a student. Perhaps, I could write an accurate autobiography. However, it is too dull for me to write in conventional way. When I was young, it was too dull to write love letters, and I never did.

There are many things I cannot do. Among them are to read musical notes. I can not make sense out of bean sprouts spread over five horizontal lines, but I can remember musical tunes. Before leaving Korea in 1954, I could perhaps handle about 2,000 Chinese characters. I think I stored about 2,000 musical tunes in my brain. I added more numbers while in the United States. Using those musical items, I started writing my autobiography. It is possible these days by collecting YuTube links to my webpage. You may visit


to see whether you like some of the songs in my music page.

Follow-up on Golden Bull

Y.S.Kim (2009.8.14)

In my last mail, I said the gold Jewish people needed to make the golden bull came from Egypt. Those Egyptian dissidents came out with the gold chunks, and the Jewish slaves had to carry them. I said that there was a revolt by Jews against their Egyptian masters near Mt. Sinai. Thus, the golden bull symbolized the true liberation of the Jewish people.

Of course, there was enough reason to celebrate those liberated Jews? Those liberated Jews started worshipping their golden bull, before Moses came down from Mt. Sinai.

The following question arises. Did the Jewish slaves have enough technology and facility to convert the gold chunks into an artistic statue? The answer is No. Then the golden bull must have been made in Egypt by Egyptians, and it was the Pharaoh's secret idol. It was so secret that Egyptians never mentioned this idol in their history.

If those liberated Jews worshipped the bull, they were simply imitating the Egyptians who diligently worshipped animal statues. Then the liberated slaves became quite excited but became lawless. They were perhaps fighting among themselves.

Let us look at the Korean politics. As soon as a given party wins the presidential election and takes over the government, the members of the ruling party start fighting among themselves.

While the Jewish society needed a leader, Moses came down from the mountain with a set of simple rules. Yes, while there was a battle between the Egyptian masters and Jewish slaves, Moses did not want to be among them. To Egyptians, he could be have been a Jew. To Jews, he could have been an Egyptian. He was in danger, and had to hide somewhere. He went to the mountain.

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the socialist revolution in Russia. When Russians took down the Romanov dynasty in 1917, Lenin was in Switzerland. Germans arranged his trip to Sweden. He then took a train to St. Petersburg. He was not at the battle scene during the revolutionary process.

Of course, Moses is one of the most important persons in human history, not only for Jews but also for all civilized people. Let us talk about him next time.

As for the Exodus, those dissident Egyptians took away the core of the civilization from their country. There was a similar event in Korea's recent history. Sixty four years ago, in 1945, Kim Il-Sung started setting up his dynasty in the North with the blessing of Stalin and Beria. About two million Koreans did not this and moved to the South. They were mostly Christian-oriented and highly- educated Koreans. North Korean authorities allowed them to go because they did not want critical voices from those intelligent Koreans.

Those Koreans from the North provided an important support base for Rhee Seungman for setting up the Korean government in the South. Due to the lack of intelligent people, the North Korean government is like that of the ancient Egyptian government (for one man only).

During my last trip to Europe, I was fortunate enough to visit Harrow School in England. Eton College and Harrow School served as the model high schools before I left Korea in 1954. I was at Eton in 2004, and at Harrow in 2009. I brought some photos from both places. You are welcome to visit


Other forms of Exodus

Y.S.Kim (2009.9.14)

I said that about two million Koreans came from the North to South after Korea was divided into two in 1945. I also said these Koreans came down with their brains. This is the reason why the North Korean government is like the ancient Egyptian government. At this point, let us examine how Japan was formed as a country.

You all know, Emperor Chin was the first one to establish a central government in China. During this process there were many groups against his one-man control. The strongest dissident group decided to leave the Chinese mainland and set up their own country somewhere else, and the Emperor let those people go. This is known to us as the story of the Emperor seeking a medicine which would make him forever young.

These people landed in Japan. This is the beginning of Japanese history. This happened about 2,400 years ago. According to Japanese, their first emperor, Jinmu Ten-no, set up the country 2,670 years ago. These two events happened about the same time. the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese characters is about the same as ours, but there are a number of differences.

For the Chinese character for Europe, we say "Ku" while Japanese say "Oh." For "Euro-American," we say "Kumi", but Japanese say "Ohbei." While we were strongly influenced by the Tang Dynasty (600-900 AD), Japan was set up first by those exodus group from China who pronounced their characters differently.

While Japan had the first influence of the Chinese civilization from 400 BC, they were not able to develop their own culture. Fortunately, Japan received another set of exodus people. As we all know, when Baekje was crushed by the allied army of Tang and Silla, and its elite group went to Japan. This happened around 600 AD. These Baekje people set up a region called Nara near Osaka. You should know what "Nara" means.

According to Japanese, Baekje was culturally the most advanced country among the three kingdoms in Korea, and they become convinced when they visit the Korean city of Kyung-Ju. They say Silla must have been very backward country. Yes, there are reasons to believe that Baekje people were the most intelligent Koreans among the three. After those Baekje people fled to Japan, Silla Koreans became subservient to the Tang Chinese.

The Kenji-Monokatari (Tale of Kenji) is the world's oldest romance story, and Japanese are mighty proud of this book. It describes the lifestyle of Japanese upper class men during their Hei-an Period (800-1200 AD). To me, it sounds like a story of Baekje royal family. I thinks Korean literature people should do some hard work to trace the origin of this celebrated book.

If Japan received the smartest Koreans, and Korea lost the smartest people of their own, it definitely is an exodus.

There is yet another exodus from Korea to Japan during the Imjin Japanese invasion around 1600 AD. Japanese kidnapped top Korean scholars when they went home. This has something to do with Japanese ability to pick up the Western philosophy of Kantianism. I mention this in connection with Einstein's rejection of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. You may go to


to see what I say there. Many Euor-American as coming to this page. I do not see why you cannot come.

Why Jewish Exodus?

Y.S.Kim (2009.9.22)

There are many other forms of exodus. Throughout history, people moved around the world. Horse-riding Mongolians used to cause many tribes to change their addresses. However, what is important is how much culture moved with them, or how culture moved even without people.

As I said last time, the migration of Chinese culture to Japan happened in three phases. Japanese did very well, especially in absorbing Western ideology and technology. They should be proud of what they accomplished. Thus, they should write their own story of exodus.

I am not the first one to say Japan started with three phases of exodus. Kawabata Yasunari was Japan's first Nobel in literature. He said this many years ago. Instead of writing a colorful exodus story with his literary skill, he killed himself. You would agree he was stupid, but many Japanese say this was the ultimate form of expressing his view and he was great. I still do not understand.

As I said before, when Roman Emperor Constantine went to Istanbul, he took with him all talented people from Rome. Two hundred years ago, Napoleon said his capital city would be Istanbul after his conquest of the world.

Before and during World War II, many Jewish scientists came to the United States from Europe. Einstein was one of them. This was also another form of exodus. This aspect is well known.

Then why is the Jewish migration from Egypt so special? There are many reasons, but the most important factor was that Jewish people were and still are very skilful in writing stories. In order to maintain the law and order among the Jewish community consisting former slaves, Moses composed ten "easy-to-understand" rules, which are known as the Ten Commandments. It was the Jewish people who developed these into a book known as the Old Testament. I will talk about how it was written in my future articles.

During the 19th Century, in Manchester (England), English capitalists came up with the concept of factory where workers manufacture things. Before this, all commercial products were made in individual houses. Swish watches are still made in houses. The factory culture was very strange, and many workers were exploited. One of the factory clerks in Manchester was Fredriech Engels. He was interested in living conditions for those workers, and wrote down a set of rules which both the factory owners and workers could follow.

Engels was born in Germany and he had a German-born friend named Karl Marx. Marx was a Jewish philosopher and transformed Engels's rules into a declaration. This declaration is known as the Communist Manifesto. Without Marx's Jewish writing talent, this world could have skipped communism.

About 2400 years ago, China was a lawless land. Confucius came and wrote down a set of rule people should obey. When Emperor Chin set up his central government, he did not have any concept of law or order. He was like an Egyptian Pharaoh or North Korea's Kim Jong-Il. His empire disappeared after his death. Then their was a brief period of Sui (we call Soo). Sui's emperor attempted to rule his country by constructing a canal connecting China's two great rivers, like some of the Korean politicians these days. He also invades Korea several times and failed.

Then the Han Dynasty. This dynasty lasted for four hundred years (from 200BC to 200 AD) by adopting the Confucian doctrines as the national ideology. The Han people invented paper, and this accelerated the development of Chinese literature. This literature reached its peak during the Tang Dynasty. The Tang literature was based on Taoism emphasizing harmony. As you know, Koreans were quite fond of those Tang poems. Even these days, when my Korean friends write letters to me, they ask me how I am getting along in the changing weather (harmony with man and nature).

It was Zhu Xi (Chu Hee) in the latter half of the 12th century who wrote the Confucian doctrines using the Tang-style logic and literature. This is known in the Western world as neo-Confucianism. Koreans had been slaves this fascist doctrine from 1400 AD until recently.

These days, China is becoming very strong, and many Americans are planning to do business in China. They are studying this neo- Confucianism very rigorously. To them this philosophy or ideology means money. With a strong Confucian base, Koreans are in a much better position compete with Americans or any other people in understanding China.

Next time, I would like talk about how Jewish people were able to develop their writing skills.

Origin of Jewish literature

Y.S.Kim (2009.10.6)

In Korea, we often call comedians Yak-Jangsa (drug peddlers). They go from village to village to sell magic medicines. I do not know whether they still do, but those peddlers have to assemble village people by telling funny stories.

When the first forty first Jewish people landed in the North American continent, no Western settlers would accept them to their communities. Those settlers originally went to Brazil from Portugal to avoid Spanish inquisitions, but those Portuguese settlers did not accept those Jews to their community in Brazil. They had to sail to North America to look for a better opportunity.

How did those 44 Jews to survive in North Americ?. They did what their ancestors did before Abraham. The Jewish people started as a tribe travelling around buying things from one place and selling them at different places. In so doing ,they had to develop technology of telling interesting stories to potential buyers. Abraham was their first leader who settle down his people in the Jordan valley, but unfavorable weather conditions forced them to move to Egypt, where they met many rich people. There Jews flourished by buying and selling things, and by telling interesting stories to upper-class Egyptians.

Those Jews established a rich community within Egypt. One they, the Egyptian Pharaoh looked at the Jewish area and felt threatened. He put all the Jews into slavery, and they had to carry heavy stones. However, this bondage did not stop them from developing their literature. I will talk more about the Jewish literature next time.

It is not uncommon for human beings to be more creative under hardship. Let us look at Poland. As I said repeatedly, Poland is just like Korea, and Koreans are ahead of Poles in every area except in one area. If I tell this to my Polish friends, they say Poland is ahead of Korea in drinking. I disagree and I tell them Koreans drink more heavily. I tell them Poland is ahead of Korea in collecting Nobel prizes, and the best way for Koreans to get the prize is to learn how from Poland. I have been telling this story since 1978.

Two hundred years ago, Poland disappeared from the map when Russia, Prussia, and Austria divided up and colonized the country. The Polish people had to endure this harsh colonial rule until the end of World War I. During this period, a Polish poet named Adam Mickiewicz wrote poems and stories giving hopes to the Polish people. Today, every Polish city has at least one statue of Adam Mickiewicz.

Around 1900, there was another Polish writer named Henryk Sienkiewicz. He wrote a book entitled "Quo Vadis," well known to Koreans as a religious story. This is not the case. In Sienkiewicz's Quo Vadis, Christians are Polish people, and Emperor Nero is the Russian governor of Poland. For his Quo Vadis, Sienkiewicz got the 1905 Nobel prize in literature. You may be interested in my Poland page:


While Poland was under the colonial occupation, there was a song popular among all Polish people. The song says General Heynrik Dabrowski will lead his Polish troops from Italy to Poland to liberate the country. This was of course a wishful thinking, but the song had a very strong effect in preserving Polish nationalism. This song, entitled "Dabrowski Mazurka," is now the national anthem of Poland.

During the Japanese occupation (1910-1945), there was a legendary figure named Kim Il-Sung who could perform miracles against Japanese army, and would liberate Korea. This figure was quite different from the young man who appeared in Pyongyang on October 14, 1945. This young man was an agent of Stalin and Beria and changed his name to Kim Il-Sung from Kim Sung-Joo the day before his public appearance. It is well known this young man stole all the legends of the real (legendary) Kim Il-Sung.

In 1946, Soviet authorities asked a Korean musician to compose a song in praise of General Kim Il-Sung. But this composer did not know anything about the young man, and thus had to compose the song according to the legendary figure familiar to many Koreans at that time. This composer is now in the South. For a detailed story you may visit


The point is that this song of General Kim Il-Sung is strikingly similar to the national anthem of Poland composed for Poland's Kim Il-Sung whose Polish name was Henryk Dabrowski.

Book of Job

Y.S.Kim (2009.10.8)

Most of you have read or heard about the Book of Job in the Old Testament. All the important Bible characters have their positions in the Jewish genealogy. For instance, Jacob was Isaac's son, and the mother of Jesus was the wife of Joseph who was a descendant of David whose ancestry can be traced all the way to Abraham. Where Job stand in the Jewish genealogy?

Before answering this question, let us look at the book entitled "Ningen-no Joken" (condition for human beings) written by a Japanese author named Komikawa Junpei in 1957. I did not read the book, but I saw the movie based on this book. The producer of this film was Kobayashi Masaki, known for his critical mind. The book deals with Japanese troops in Manchu during World War II. According to the title of the book, those Japanese troop did not behave like human beings. To any man of conscience, the life there was like in the hell.

In one of the movie sciences, two Japanese soldiers are at an isolated guard post during the night. They were college students before being drafted to the army, and have some critical minds. During this guard duty, while nobody listens, they question whether what they are doing is right.

Then they wonder what kind of world is on the other side of their battle line. They ask who is in charge of the land. Sho Kai-Seki (Chang Kai Sek) or Kin Nit-Sei (Kim Il-Sung - our legendary figure). Then they wonder whether the land beyond is under communism. They also wonder whether communism means an ideal world where everybody is happy.

Last time, I said North Korea's Kim Il-Sung was quite different from the legendary figure admired by many Koreans. You will be interested to know that he was also a legendary figure among Japanese soldiers in Manchu. Last time, I gave the web-address for the song of General Kim Il-Sung. Some people complained that my webpages do not open up with their browsers. You may be able to solve this problem by replacing "ysfine" by "www.ysfine," and try




Let us go back to the Book of Job. Many people believe the original version of this book was written by Moses. This means that it was written while Jewish people were slaves in Egypt. To them Egypt was like a hell, and they were wondering how people live on the other side of the Red Sea, like those Japanese soldiers in Manchu.

Job was a noble man in Damascus. Even these days, he is a very important person in the Arab world. There, he is called Ayub. As you know, Ayub is a very Arab name. Before leading the Exodus, Moses studied that area thoroughly and must have been familiar with the life in that part of the world. This is the reason why many people believe the Job story was written personally by Moses.

So, what does the book say? Let us continue next time.

Einstein's Nobel prize

Y.S.Kim (2009.10.9)

Today and tonight, in the United States, everybody is talking about Barack Obama's Nobel peace prize. I assume you are also interested in this subject, but this is not a place for this political issue.

While I was in Europe last summer, I spent three vacation days in Oslo and took many photos. I was in their city hall where the peace prize is given on the 10th day of December every year. For some of those photos, you may go to


While not allowed to talk about political issues, we are free to discuss the question of why Albert Einstein got only one Nobel prize, instead of three. I recently constructed a webpage on this subject, and I intend to add more information in the future. You may visit


You will also be interested in an email I received from a science historian from England together with his articles on this subject. You may go to


You will note there that I had not read any of the articles by historians. As you know, this is my style. I like to write my own history. I take the same attitude toward philosophers. In other words, I don't trust them. I take the same attitude toward most of my physics colleagues. They say I am crazy, but this is the only way I know how to live.

I will continue my story about the Book of Job next time. There also, I will write in my own way.

According to Maengja

Y.S.Kim (2009.10.15)

If the heaven wishes to give you an important mission in this world, he grinds your bones and flesh, mixes up your mind, shatters your soul, and leads you to temptation, until you develop enough patience to make up the difference between what you have and what you want.

Perhaps, you did not learn this quotation from textbooks, but you must have heard it from your parents, grandparents, Korean movies. This is what the book of Job is all about. Do you know how your great grandfathers learned this? Go to their study houses. Their teachers told them memorize. They used to get whipped if they could not memorize.

On the other hand, the book of Job was written as an entertaining story. This is the most important aspect of Jewish talents. There are people who believe God exists and there are those who think God is a man-made concept. In either case, people need God because He brings things no one else can deliver, especially after suffering. In Egypt, Jewish slaves needed God. The God in the book of Job is precisely what those slaves needed.

During the Exodus, those liberated Jews needed another God in order to maintain law and order among themselves. They also needed the Pharaoh's God whom Moses introduced in terms of the Ten Commandments. Thus, when those Jewish folks reached their promised land, they had one God combining both.

You knew Sienkiewicz's Quo Vadis has something to do with Christianity, but did you know it is the 20th version of the Job story? Like the book of Job, the Quo Vadis is a very entertaining story.

About 700 years ago, Koreans needed God when they were under Mongolian rule. They were forced to build for ships for Mongolians to be used for their invasion of Japan. The best Korean wood workers carved 80,000 wooden plates for the Buddhist scripture. Great work, but the problem was that not many people could read those pages.

Then, why could Koreans not produce their own God under Japanese rule from 1910 to 1945. Instead of inventing a new God, they started believing in Jesus, and started reading the Bible written in Hangeul. At the same time, the Japanese occupation meant liberation to many people. Women were set free, and the Yangban system was abolished. Korean writers wrote many romance stories, and famers' children went to Japan for college education.

How about the landlords? They were also liberated. Until 1913 (three years after the Japanese annexation), there were no laws governing land ownership. All the lands belonged to the king. If the king visits your house, it becomes his house. If he steps on your land, it becomes the king's land. Japanese introduced Korea's first land ownership law. This is the reason why those land owners were so pro-Japanese before 1945.

These mean that Koreans were and still are the worst oppressors of their own people. I always complain that Korean rulers completely ruined the country's agriculture. How about Koreans abroad? They did OK in Stalin's Soviet Union. How about Koreans in America? There used to be a food company called "La Choy" when I came to the United States in 1954. This company was set up by Koreans who came before 1945. There is a fruit called "nectarine." Koreans developed this brand by combining peach and plum.

Recently, Koreans took over all fruit stores in New York. More recently, Koreans are developing giant supermarkets. If the present trend continues, we cannot rule out the possibility of Koreans taking over all major supermarkets in the United States, as they already took over most of the protestant church buildings.

Koreans (liberated from their own rulers) will become much stronger if they learn lessons from those Jewish Americans who settled down much earlier than Koreans.

Do I then mean everything in Korea is bad. Our forefathers used get whipped when they were lazy in memorizing. If I look at the current world-wide trend in educations, I think Koreans had the best educational system in the past. I often mention my high school principal as the person who tried to copy Eton and Harrow from England. I do not think he knew what he was talking about. He was simply practicing Korea's traditional Confucian system. Thanks to his education, I am able to compete in the world, making some big claims these days. You are welcome to visit my home page.


Jewish children in Egypt

Y.S.Kim (2009.10.24)

Last time, I gave an impression that the Ten Commandments represent the Pharaoh's god. It is not true. At the Pharaoh's order, Egyptian priests came up with the concept of one god, but the Pharaoh did not accept it because this god gave too much freedom and equality to all Egyptians. Thus, the enlightened priests had to leave Egypt. The Ten Commandments still represent the basic rules for the statehood.

Let me continue my story. About two months ago, I met a medical doctor at a social occasion. He asked me whether I came from Korea. I then asked him how he knew I am not a Chinese or Japanese. He told me I am too tall to be a Japanese, but he feels closer to Koreans. A asked him why. He said he had a Mongolian ancestry. I then asked him whether he had a blue spot on his lower back when he was born, like all Korean babies. He said Yes. I congratulated him.

He then continued. He said he is Jewish. His ancestor was one of those Mongolian soldiers who spread their seeds on Western women during Genghis Khan's conquest, and his ancestral mother was a Jewish girl. He reminded me that the mother's side counts in Jewish genealogy. I congratulated him again for being Jewish.

Thomas Jefferson is one of the most respected Americans. But he had a long-lasting affair with a black slave named Sally Hemmings, and her descendents are now claiming memberships in the Thomas Jefferson society consisting of Jefferson's off springs.

Strom Thurmond was the last segregationist congressman serving in the U.S. Senate. He had a daughter with a black maid, and she used to come to her father's office frequently. This was an open secret in Washington.

Jewish men had to carry heavy stones in Egypt. How about Jewish women? They are needed for cooking, washing, and child cares. It is quite possible that they were also excellent singers and dancers from their culture of travelling merchants. Egyptian priests could easily produce their children with those Jewish women.

What happened to those half-Jewish Egyptians? Could their fathers send them to labor camps? They could however become craftsmen. Those high-class Egyptians needed jewelries made of gold or other precious metals.

As travelling merchants, those Jewish folks needed a universal currency. It was gold of course. They should have known that they could raise the value of the gold pieces by adding decorations by hands. Thus, jewelry craftsmanship was a very important Jewish asset throughout the history.

Indeed, those Jewish craftsmen could have played an important role in the Exodus. They were between the Egyptian masters and Jewish slaves. They had a good knowledge of where the gold was moving in Egypt, and this is the reason why the Exodus group came out with enough gold to make the golden bull, or the golden bull itself.

Right after Soviet troops came to North Korea in 1945, all intelligent Koreans fled to the South. Thus, North Korea's civil services were provided by noodle-house cooks. Because those skilled cooks left their kitchens, North Korean noodles became tasteless. This was a joke made by Shin Bul-Chool, one of the first Korean Yak-Jang-Sa comedians, but it was a true story.

Likewise, after overthrowing the Egyptian masters, the Jewish community in the desert was governed by those skilled craftsmen. Their fathers were not Jewish, but their mothers were. This could be the origin of the mother-favored Jewish genealogy.

Battle of Jericho

Y.S.Kim (2009.11.2)

During the Exodus journey, there were two military miracles. One was the Red Sea operation, and the other was the conquest of Jericho. When the Exodus group was trapped between the Red Sea and the Pharaoh's army, Moses divided the water. I explained this in one of my earlier articles.

When the Exodus people reached the east bank of the Jordan River, Moses died, and the group was led by a military man named Joshua. After crossing the Jordan River, they had to go through a heavily fortified city of Jericho before reaching Jerusalem.

The conquest of Jericho is vividly described in the Bible and other books. This was a highly sophisticated military operation even in modern standard. The group knew how to use informants to gather intelligence information, and also knew how to measure the strength of the walls. These techniques could not have been produced by Jewish slaves or Jewish craftsmen fathered by Egyptians. They could only be provided by highly trained military professionals. They must have been Egyptian military brains, who initially defeated the Pharaoh's army on the west bank of the Red Sea at the early stage of the Exodus.

Because of these two military miracles, many people say that Moses was an Egyptian general. But he was more than a general. He was a leader. As a leader, what did Moses do? Moses had to unite three different subgroups of people to create one nation.

The Exodus group consisted of three subgroups. The first subgroup consisted of Egyptian upper-class people including military brains. The second group consisted of Jewish technicians fathered by Egyptian. The third group includes Jewish slaves. Those Egyptian upper-class people formed the ruling class initially, but they lost their power to the Jewish people. However, those Egyptian brains remained with them while providing the wisdom to during the entire Exodus journey.

If you are familiar with Korean politics, or American politics, you should know how difficult it is to find a common interest among different groups with different talents and interests. Finding the common interest is what the leadership is all about. Moses was clearly the first leader known in history.

In modern wars, like the battle of Jericho, military professionalism is the key word. We do not win battles with physical strength, swordsmanship, or other individual skills. It requires a combined knowledge of everything. This is the reason why young men and women have to military colleges to become officers. Then they have to go military graduate schools to become promoted to the rank of colonel.

The Korean army is more than 60 years old, but it still relies on the United States for ultimate operational decisions. In 1950, the chief of the Korean intelligence operation was Col. Chang Do-Young, (who was the army chief during Park Chung-Hee's coup in 1961). He was a student at one of the Japanese universities when he was drafted the Japanese army in 1943. He joined the Korean army in 1961 and started translating Japanese military books into Korean. He then found out he had to translate English books. He was academically minded, and he eventually became a professor in the United States. But, in 1950, he had very little military background, like all Korean army officers.

Col. Chang led an inspection tour to the Dongdu-Chon front, north of Seoul close to the 38th parallel. It was Sunday, June 4. My father was among the inspectors. He was a high-ranking supply officer and had to find out what front-line soldiers needed. I was in my middle school, and I accompanied my father.

At the front line, the inspectors asked field commanders what they needed most. They needed ammunitions for their M1 rifles. They said they did not even have enough for their target practices. The inspectors then asked what North Koreans were doing on the other side of the 38th parallel. The answer was "nothing particular" except one notable activity. They were building a road day and night. The inspectors asked "road toward where?" The answer was toward us. Then the question was for what? The field commanders said "we do not know." That was the end, and nothing happened.

On Sunday, June 25, at 1:10 PM, I heard from radio that North Korean tanks were coming from that crossing point. I do not think we could have prevented the 6.25 war even if we knew that the road was for their Soviet-built T-34 tanks, but the tragedy of the sudden retreat from Seoul could have been minimized.

You could agree that things could have been quite different if there were military professionals from the Jericho operation.

Since those tanks affected all Koreans including myself, I maintain a webpage dedicated to the Soviet tanks. You may visit


Quite understandably, this page is popular among Russians. Another interesting page to Russians is about their invention of radio. Go to


Jefferson and Edison

Y.S.Kim (2009.11.17)

The United States is a very powerful country. However, if we take away Thomas Jefferson and and Thomas Edison, what would happen to this country?

Egypt was developed as a country for one man. After two or three thousand years later, two elite groups emerged. One of them was the group of priests who developed the concept of one God, who eventually became the Christian God which many Koreans believe in. This group of priests corresponds to Thomas Jefferson of the United States. This Jeffersonism was taken out from Egypt by Moses.

The second group of intellectuals consists of scientists who could carve stones, transport and assemble then to construct pyramids and temples. We still do not understand how they developed their construction technology. This is equivalent to America's Edisonism.

What happened to those engineering talents? The answer is very simple. They all went to Greece. Greeks then made some changes. They changed those animal statues to human statues and gave them names. During this processes, they found out human bodies, without clothes, could generate beauty. This is the origin of the Western art.

Many of you have been to the Parthenon temple in Athens. It certainly required some labor forces to construct. Yes, Greeks learned from Egyptians how to generate energy from slaves. While Egyptians used whips to manage those slaves, Greeks developed a technology of reasoning to govern slave. This is the origin of the Western logic upon which all modern scientific theories are based.

While the logic was developed for the rulers to persuade slaves, Socrates use the same logic to question the rulers. It was very strange to Greek rulers, and he was forced to drink a bowl of poison.

I will write more about this in the future. I would particularly enjoy talking about how this Greek culture gets combined with the one-God ideology of Moses. This is how Christianity was developed. This is how Jesus was born.

What is new in New York?

Y.S.Kim (2009.11.24)

I came back from New York City after spending four days and three nights. I have been going there regularly since my graduate school days. Princeton is only 60 kilometers from New York. It takes three hours by train to go there from the northern suburb of Washington where I live now.

I always learn something new there. This time, I went to a Kandinsky exhibition held at the Solomon Guggenheim Museum. Picasso's paintings are quite different from those by the French impressionists. Vassily Kandinsky was one of those who played the transitional role from the impressionism to Picasso's cubism. In order to learn this, I had to look at Kandinsky's paintings.

Kandinsky lived through three major wars, namely the first world war, the Russian revolution, and World War II. I was interested also in how his war experiences affected his paintings, but I was not able to see it from his paintings. I have to study more.

Another aspect I had to learn was how the bankers are doing these days. They seem to be the target of public criticism. The stock market is doing very well, and mass media say the recession is over, but people are still losing jobs. It is likely that there will be demonstrations in New York's financial district, while anti-war demonstrations are taking place held in Washington.

I am not a financial expert, but all the money printed in Washington seems to be going to the Wall Street bankers simply because they are skilful in handling the money. If those bankers invest their fortunes wisely, then jobs will be created. I hope.

Unfortunately I am not a participant of these money games. The only economic skill I have is to save and save. This is the skill I acquired during my war-time childhood. Then a student life in the United States. Pay less and get as much as I can. When I went New York this time, I stayed at the Millenium Hilton Hotel across the street from the World Trade Center, which became a big hole in September of 2001. This hotel survived the disaster and is still receiving capitalist guests.

Your question then is whether I have that much money. The answer is No. For three nights, the hotel cost was $1200, but I only paid $424. How? This is the skill I developed from my war-time childhood, and from my money-less student period in the United States. When you face difficulties in your young age, do not complain. You should convert those difficulties into your own wisdom. This is precisely why I am interested in how Kandinsky's war-time experience affected his paintings.

As usual, I brought my digital camera with me and took some photos there. Over the years, I have accumulated more than 1000 New York photos. Recently, I started making my New York webpage. It starts with Columbia University, but you will be interested in the downtown area including the World Trade Center and the financial district. Go to my webapge


and click on "Downtown" at the top of the page.

David and Solomon

Y.S.Kim (2009.12.1)

When they arrived at their destination, the Exodus group completely became Jewish, but they got divided into small groups and started growing crops in not-so-friendly lands. Presumably due to discrimination by earlier settlers, they maintained their Jewish identity. At the beginning of the 11th Century BC, there appeared a strong man named David. He enlarged his territory and unified all all Jewish communities to form a Jewish kingdom of Israel with Jerusalem as the capital city. This happened in 990 BC.

David used the Ten Commandments as the constitution, but he thought he was above the law and stole his captain's wife. This was definitely against God's law. However, during a severe draught, Jewish farmers revolted. They claimed that God was punishing them because their king sinned. David learned a lesson from this incident. God is definitely above the king.

After David died in 968 BC, his son became the king. His name was Solomon. He ran the country until 932 BC. The more I study about David and Solomon, the more I become convinced that David was like our Taejong, and Solomon was like our Sejong. While David was able to secure the territory of Israel, Solomon set up the culture of Jewish people. We all know what Taejong did and what Sejong did.

Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem and established the way in which Jews worship God. This created an atmosphere for Jewish scholars to develop the culture of deep thinking, and to develop the technology of writing down their thinkings. In this way, they started developing the Jewish literature. We all know Sejong's contribution to the Korean literature.

It took four hundred years for the Jewish scholars to come up with the first edition of the book known to us as the Old Testaments. The first chapter of this book is the story of creation or Genesis. There are many theories about the origin of this book. Some people say Moses took dictations from God. Some other people say Moses plagiarized stories that existed in Damascus. In either case, Moses was the first one to attempt to collect stories about the creation. The question is how to integrate those stories into a literary piece which can convey moral values to others. It requires literally skills. This is the origin of the Jewish literature.

I heard the story of Adam and Eve from my grandmother. She told me I have one less rib on the left side because I am a man. She also told me that Adam and Eve got kicked out the Garden of Eden because they did not obey God.

As for the number of ribs, I had a chance to look at my chest x-ray picture. I seem to have the same number on both sides. Thus, God must have taken one rib from each side and created two women for me. If I obey God 100% and never sin, the entire world could be my garden of Eden. Do you find any flaws in this logic? In order to prove my case, I used the new language of internet webpage. You are then invited to my garden of Eden,


to see how God created me, and see how obedient I am to God.

In so doing, what value am I sending to web viewers? After viewing my webpages, one viewer (non-Korean) told me I am trying to preach people to be humble. He is right. Many non-Koreans say the basic strength of Koreans is being humble. I am a very traditional Korean and am addressing Korean values in my literature.

Solomon's temple

Y.S.Kim (2009.12.5)

It takes stones, labor forces, and construction engineering to build a temple. In addition, it takes craftsmen to decorate inside walls and altars.

After the temple is built, it has to assemble intelligent people to transform them into priests. Egyptian priests only had to give advices to their Pharaoh. But Solomon's priests had to deliver sermons to the people. They had to tell the congregation who the God is, and what He does to them. These days, the priest can read the Bible and give his interpretation of what is written in the it.

However, Solomon's priests did not have the Bible. Thus, they had to their original researches on this subject. It took them 400 years to complete the first comprehensive theory of God. The first theory is written in the Jewish Torah. It is known to Christians as the Five Books of Moses in the Old Testament, consisting of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

As you know, the Torah serves as the basic principles for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Thus many many people in this world believe in the God defined by the Torah. As I said before, North Korea's Kim Il-Sung believed in this God, and wanted to go to the heaven in the Christian way. He even wrote a story about his Christian background. You may go to


and check Kim Il-Sung items to see what I am talking about.

Let us go back to the Torah. There are two questions how it was written. During the 400-year period after Solomon, was the Jewish state of Israel a safe place. I will talk about this next time.

The second question was how was the research done. It was a coherent collection of all the stories that existed before. In order to see this point, let us see how the science of electromagnetism was developed. We all know Before James Clerk Maxwell formulated his set of four equations, he had to combine many rules of electricity and magnetism, including Coulomb's law, Biot-Savart's law, Ampere's law. After combining them, he produced the concept of electromagnetic radiation which started the present wireless world.

You all know how Einstein formulated his relativity. He combined Lorentz contraction, time dilation, and other obscure items into a single theory which gives the mass-energy relation.

I did not live for 400 years while the Torah was developed, and I cannot say exactly how those Jewish priests did, but I can only guess what they did from my own experience in physics.

For myself, I have been in active physics research for 50 years, and many exciting or absurd things happened during this period. I think I am in a position to integrate those events into a single theory. Perhaps you already knew this from my physics webapges.

Parties in December

Y.S.Kim (2009.12.15)

Korean like parties. There are many year-end gatherings during the month of December. As Koreans become more affluent, parties become richer every year.

Among those parties, most common are alumni re-unions. Yes, they are great. You meet old friends and check whether you are ahead of them or behind them.

I also attend several Korean alumni parties every year. However, I do not completely enjoy. These parties are quite different alumni meetings of American universities. Yes, Americans enjoy meeting their old friends as much as we do. In addition, they have something which is quite beyond the scope of Korea's educated people. I cannot explain this in one article, but it has something to do with the concept of leadership. I think I addressed this issue many times before. Let me try another method tonight.

Sine 1900, most of the U.S. presidents have been the graduate of the so-called Ivy-League or other elite universities. In Korea, it is a liability for presidential candidates to be graduates of elite universities or high schools. Two previous presidents did not even have college degrees. Korean educated elites are not trusted by their own people.

Koreans had to suffer when their presidents did not go to college. Those presidents had to suffer from the inferiority complex toward Korea's intellectuals responsible for producing visions for the country's future. This is the reason why Koreans are always divided, and the country cannot move forward.

Again, this is a difficult issue. Perhaps an easier way is to introduce one of my webpages about alumni events of one of the Ivy-League schools in the United States. You are invited to


and figure out what I am trying to address. It is possible that you have been to this page before, but I added many more photos tonight.

Esau and Jacob

Y.S.Kim (2009.12.25)

You all know about the story of Esau and Jacob. They were brothers, and Esau was the first-born, but Jacob gets the family right from their father.

There are many different interpretations of this story. The most simplistic way is to regard Jacob as the person who cheated, and is to extend this view to regard all Jews as sneaky people. I asked many of Jewish friends about what Jacob did. Most of them seem to be defensive.

I am writing this article because my view is different. Let us look at Kim Jong-Il of North Korea. His successor will most likely be this third son, not the first. Yes, Kim Jong-Il is a bad example. Then let us look at out Tasjong and Sejong. Sejong was Taejong's third son. The first son was a playboy. Sejong became the king because he was qualified, while his elder brother was not. This is the Korean version of the Esau-Jacob story.

Koreans need the correct understanding of this Esau-Joseph story. Koreans are still underdogs in most of the areas from the world-wide point of view, especially in scientific research. The only way to get ahead is to use Jacob's wisdom. We are very Jokbo-conscious people. We are also skilful in stealing Jokbo. We already have Jacob's wisdom.

I think I can say something about this subject from my background and experiences. My grandfather had two sons. His elder son had one son (my cousin), and I am the first son of my grandfather's second son. Thus, my cousin had the family right. Thus, I had to rise above him in order to become a Jacob.

I see him often these days, and we go out for dinner occasionally. I tell him what kind of plot I had against him, and he also tells me about how he attempted to restrain me. We laugh and enjoy.

I was born and raised in a farming village without electricity and running water. I came to Seoul in 1946 and left in 1954. I lived there only for five years because of the Korean war. Many Koreans these days say I am one of Seoul's established elites. If this is true, I must have gone through Jacob's steps many times.

More recently, I am regarded by colleagues as Wigner's student while he did not sign my PhD thesis. I talked about this many times before. No many, but some people know that I have been interested in stealing Yukawa's Jokbo from Japan. How did this happen?

My grandfather thought he has enough money to send me to Japan's "Tokyo Imperial University" in Japan (Korea was under Japanese occupation at that time). He then predicted I could graduate as the No. 2 student. I asked him why not No. 1? His answer was that I would be the No. 1 in reality, but Japanese would give the No. 1 award to a Japanese boy, not to a Korean. This is another version of the Esau-Jacob story.

In order to rise above this hurdle, I have only one way, to work hard and understand Japan and Japanese completely and thoroughly. This process is still continuing. You may visit


to see how crazy I am. I upgraded this webpage in order to create my own song party for the year-end season. Did you know that Korean songs were heavily influenced by Japanese songs?

Merry Christmas!