Why am I regarded as Wigner's student?

Before Newton, physicists tried to find physical laws by looking at the sky. People still do. Do you know how many stars there are in the sky? These days, there are the same number number of physics papers to read. Thus, some physicists try to find something new from those papers.

  • Indeed, both translation-like variables correspond to one up-down translation on the cylindrical surface. Thus, Wigner's E(2)-like symmetry has one rotational degree and one translational degree of freedom. This translational degree of freedom corresponds to the gauge degree of freedom.

    During the period of five years (1985-90), I went to Princeton frequently to seek guidance from Eugene Wigner. I was like a graduate student working on his thesis research under Wigner's guidance. When I was a "real graduate student" (1958-61), I was afraid of him.

    These days, I am frequently introduced as Wigner's youngest student, while my thesis advisor was Sam Treiman when I got my degree in 1961. I become angry when this introduction is based on my photos with Wigner. I will be very happy if I am so introduced based on the two papers quoted above.

    The above story is based on the following papers.

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