John von Neumann

John von Neumann (1903 -- 1957)

Courtesy of Budapesti Evangelikus Gimnazium

Courtesy of the Archives of the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton)

The following photos are copyrighted by the Institute for Advanced Study, and they were photographed by Alan Richards unless otherwise specified.

  1. von Neumann standing in front of the Institute computer.

  2. J. Robert Oppenheimer and von Neumann in front of the Institute computer.

  3. Left to right: James Pomerence, Julian Bigelow, von Neumann and Herman Goldstein.

  4. Staff of the Electronic Computer Project.
  5. Left to right: unknown, unknown, Gerald Estrin, unknown, J. Robert Oppenheimer, unknown, Julian Bigelow, Norman Emslie, James Pomerence, hewitt Crane, and von Neumann.

  6. Left to right: Julian Bigelow, Herman Goldstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and von Neumann.

  7. von Neumann and guests looking at the Institute computer.

    The Institute computer.

  8. von Neumann, Julian Bigelow, James Pomerence, and Herman Goldstein.

  9. von Neumann and Oppenheimer.

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