Date: Fri 9 May 16:10:19 EDT 2008
From: "Hayeon Kim"
Subject: Baseball

Dear Professor Kim,

I am Hayeon Kim, a medical physicist, at U of Pittsburgh Medical center. I work at the radiation therapy department for cancer treatments. It's been almost 10 years to receive your emails from time to time since I was a kid graduate student, and now I am a faculty member of U of Pittsburgh. Time flies....

Since you talked about Pittsburgh in this email, I just wanted to reply to you. I also included a couple of photos. I am a huge fan of baseball, so I took a couple of pictures from the ballpark here.I would say that this ball park is the one of the best one in this country. I admit that Pittsburgh Pirates team sucks,though. I am a Yankees fan, so it doesn't bother.

Now, all of steel mills are gone and all issues of related matters are gone too. So...this town became very beautiful. People from outside this city have kind of hesitating to visit, but once they come and visit, they love this town.

Have a good day and thanks for your emails all the time.

Hayeon Kim