Welcome to Y. S. Kim's Style Page!

on a train from Naples to Rome
(May 1999).

Who is responsible for this page?

    I enjoy travelling around the world and meeting interesting people. I like talking with students. After all, I am a life-time student.

  • Photos. I like to take photos.

  • Electronics. I was and still am interested in electronics. I have ten PCs for different purposes.

  • Shortwaves. I used to listen to the world even when satellite communication was not available.

  • Music. Like Einstein, Physicists like music.

  • Herod Complex is a psychological problem for every physicist.

  • Feynman as an Artist. Feynman was a creative artist.

  • Wheeler and Feynman. Most of physicists do physics by writing down formulas. Some people can do physics by drawing cartoons.

  • Art Lovers. You do not have to be Feynman to be an art lover.

  • Show and Tell. I like to talk to everybody in the world, using this webpage.

  • Making webpages? You have to develop your own skills along this direction.

  • Like to know more about me?

  • If you have brilliant ideas, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. Here is my home page.