Wheeler Photos

  • A happy couple at the Wheeler Estate in Maine (1991).

  • Toll and Wheeler Two happy men (College Park 2001). Johnny Toll came to the Univ. of Maryland from Princeton in 1953 and built its Physics Department. Recently the Physics Building was named "John S. Toll Physics Building." John Archibald Wheeler came to the dedication ceremony held in May of 2001. Wheeler was Toll's dissertation advisor at Princeton. Jordan Goodman, also in this photo, was the Chairman of the Department, and was responsible for making these two gentlemen happy.

  • with Suzanna Misner, during the first Wigner Symposium held at the Univ. of Maryland (1988). Standing: Michael Fisher, William Kirwan, and Chuan Sheng Liu. Kirwan at that time was the vice president of the Univ. of Maryland. One year later, he became the president of the University. He is now the chancellor of the University of Maryland System.

  • Wheeler Boys and Girls. A gathering of Wheeler boys and girls during the Workshop on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations held at the Univ. of Maryland (March 1991).

  • Wheeler in Moscow (1991). attending the Andrei Sakharov Conference held at the Lebedev Physicsl Institute.
    1. I was there too. Wheeler proposing a toast to Elena Bonner (Sakharov's widow). Joining the applause are (from left) Tatiana Faberge, V. I. Man'ko, H. Ito (standing), and Y. S. Kim [scanned from CERN Courier, Vol. 31, No. 7 (1991). Photo by A. Martin].
    2. Grandson. Wheeler went to Moscow with his grandson to attend the First Sakharov Conference in June of 1991. They took a train from Berlin to Moscow. This photo was taken in front of the Russian Academy of Sciences Building.
    3. with Lusia Bonner (Mrs. Sakharov). This photo was taken during the first Sakharov conference held in 1991 at the Lebedev Institute (Moscow). John A. Wheeler is on far right, and Mrs. Sakharov on far left. In the middle is Tatiana Faberge, a Russian lady working at CERN (Switzerland). Since the Sakharov Conference was supported in part by CERN, Tatiana was in charge of collecting registration fees, even those those big shots who are not accustomed to paying anything for conference. Mrs. Sakharov is also known as Elena Bonner or Yelena Bonner in the literature.

  • The Wheelers in Maine with a visitor from Maryland (1991).

  • Wheeler's Study at his Maine estate (1991). There seems to be an intruder.

  • AdlerFest. during the AdlerFest (Princeton 1999). Originally (from left), Kimball Milton, Bei-Lok Hu, Leonard Parker, Charles Sommerfield, and Y. S. Kim. Wheeler came in later and pushed away Sommerfield and Hu.

  • with Ted Jacobson, while visiting the University of Maryland in 2001. The third person is Wheeler's bodyguard.

  • with Leonid Grishchuk during Kip Thorne's 60th Birthday Conference held at Caltech (photo by Anna Zhytkow, 2000).

  • entangled with Anton Zeilinger, at the Wheeler Banquet (Princeton 2002).

  • with Bill Unruh, at the Wheeler Banquet (Princeton 2002).

  • James J. Griffin was Wheeler's student and got his degree in 1956, before Wheeler became interested in general relativity. In 1959, he completed the translation of Winger's book Group Theory and its Application to the Quantum Mechanics of Atomic Spectra from German to English and from the left-hand coordinate system to right-hand system. In this photo, he is in his office at the Univ. of Maryland (2008).

  • O. W. Greenberg and E. F. Redish. Another set of students Wheeler liked (1982).

I met John A. Wheeler while I was a graduate student at Princeton (1958-61). He was not my thesis advisor, but I was and still am crazy enough to be remembered by him.

It is generally agreed that Richard Feynman was Wheeler's best student. Let us look at some of Feynman photos.

You do not have to be Wheeler's student to be on this webpage. Please send your photos with Wheeler to yskim@umd.edu. I will be very happy to post them.

Who was my advisor? Wigner? No. The true answer is Sam Treiman. Here is my photo with him. My son is also in this photo.

Then, what do I have to with Wheeler, other than being crazy enough for him? Go to the following webpage.

  • What do they say about me?

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I received my PhD degree from Princeton in 1961, seven years after high school graduation in 1954. This means that I did much of the ground work for the degree during my high school years.