An Open World of Physics

Spring Picnic (Princeton 1962). Win Risk, Val Fitch, Fred Golhaber, Dave Cassel.

Fred Goldhaber became sixty years old this year (2001), and he is about to enjoy the real life. There was a celebration of this event in the form of a one-day conference followed by a banquet at Stony Brook (New York) on October 7 (2001). The title of the conference was ``An Open World of Physics.'' I went there with my wife and enjoyed seeing the happy Goldhabers and my old friends who came there.

I met Fred in 1961 when he came to Princeton from Harvard to do graduate study. He was a very young boy at that time. He is not only an outstanding physicist but also a skill to make his friends feel comfortable. His father is Maurice Goldhaber. Maurice is known as Mr. Brookhaven, but we used to call him Papa because he was like a papa to everybody.

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