Hermann Weyl

Hermann Weyl (1885-1955)

Herman Weyl was born at a German town near Hamburg and studied at Goettingen. His Advisor was David Hilbert. He spent time together with Einstein in Zurich, before returning to Geottingen to become Hilbert's successor in 1930. He then came to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and stayed there until 1951. He spent his rerirement years in Zurich until he died in 1955.

It is not clear how much interaction he had with Einstein while in Princeton, but he learned relativity from Einstein while they were together in Zurich before they immigrated to the United States. Hermann Weyl was the first one to come up with the idea of gravitation as a gauge field like electromagnetic field.

Eugene Wigner, a long-time Princetonian, told me he did not like Weyl personally. I did not ask and he did not explain his reasons for disliking Weyl. Like Einstein, he was an isolated person in Princeton.

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