Lev Davidovich Landau (1902-1968)

photo by D. Gay,
from Michael Shatnov.

from Boris Zakhariev.

from Boris Zakhariev.

from the Washington Post

Lev Landau was born 100 years ago. Let us talk about him. He and his colleagues wrote ten graduate-level textbooks in physics. Every physicist of the present generation learned some physics from those books. Of course, everybody learned in his/her own way. If you like to tell how you learned physics from him or from his books, please send me a brief note. My email address is yskim@umd.edu. I will be very happy to include your story in this webpage. Let us first review his biography.

About the City of Kharkov

You will note that I am trying to do something with webpages. Yes, I am keenly interested in photographing beautiful hearts and minds. Perhaps we can photograph one's heart by opening up his/her chest surgically, but this is not what I am talking about. I am interested in deriving abstract concepts from tangible objects. By the way, this is what physics is about.

It is possible that Landau and his people decided to choose Kharkov as their homebase because of the human environment of beautiful hearts and minds.

Y.S.Kim (2008.7.26)

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