Hegelian Approach to Physics

Portrait of Hegel from the public domain.
As you know, Hegel's dialectric approach goes like this. We start with "thesis." Then there is "anti-thesis." We can then synthesize these two to create a new idea.

Later, Karl Marx and others attemped to use the dialectric approach to formulate the theory of society. I am not able to make any comments on this aspect of Hegelianism.

When Hegel formulated his philosophy, he did not know physics. Since Hegel's time, physics made some progress. Let us see how Hegelianism works in physics. We cab use the numbers 1, 2, and 3 for thesis, and anti-thesis, and synthesis.

Hegelhaus in Stuttgart

  • Did you know Hegel was born in Stuttgart?

    Y. S. Kim (May 2012)

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