100 Years after Bohr's Hydrogen Atom (1913). Entanglement?

The energy level of the hydrogen atom in classical mechanics. The radius is a monotonically decreasing function of time as the accelerated electron radiates energy.

Bohr and Heisenberg (top)
Soren Kierkegaard.
In classical physics, an accelerated electron radiates energy. Since the electron circling around the proton in the hydrogen atom radiates energy, its orbit should shrink. When I was an undergraduate student, I attempted to calculate the radius as a function of time. I do not know whether I succeeded or not, but it is clear that the the energy level will sink, and the radius will decrease. This means that the earth would shrink to the size of a billiard ball, and continue to become smaller.

Bohr and Copenhagen School

  • While I was attending a conference in Rome (2012), I walked into two lesser-known churches just for curiosity. At one of them, I found a statute of Galileo Galilei constructed by T.D.Lee. Click here for my what I saw in that church.

    There is another church called "Basiliaca di San Pietro in Vincoli" (Saint Peter in Chains) next to the engineering faculty building of the Uni. di Roma Sapienza near the Colosseum. There I spotted Michelangelo's statue of Moses. Every art piece of Michelangelo has its distinction.

    There also is a tomb of a clergy man who was totally unknown to me. His tomb was so elegant that I had a photo of myself there. I later found out he was Nicholas of Cusa (14011464). According to Wikipedia, he was a German philosopher, theologian, jurist, mathematician, and astronomer.

  • Nicolas Cusa proposed a theory that one has to develop his/her "divine" mind to understand God. Since different people can develop different divine minds, Cusa's philosophy was a prelude to Kantianism. In fact, during the 19th century, many Kantian scholars studied Cusa's writings.

    This is an indication that Kantian-like logic had been developed among theologians by the Renascence period, 300 years before Kant, but we do not know about it because the church's job has been and still is to insist on one view of God and suppress all other views.

  • It is safe to say that Kierkegaard's philosophy has a deep root in theology. Kierkegaard was Bohr's philosopher.

  • Click here for more about the Basiliaca di San Pietro in Vincoli.

Bohr and Einstein

How did he talk to Einstein?
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