During the Yalta Conference (February 1945)

    Roosevelt and Stalin. They agreed on who would take care of two distinct Japanese military units in Korea.
  • Roosevelt and Stalin met without Churchill. Roosevelt begged Stalin to open his eastern front to attack Japanese Kwandong-Goon in Manchu with its logistic base in Pyongyang, while the United States was making preparations for landing on the Japanese mainland.

    In Seoul, there was the headquarters of the Japanese 17th Regional Army which was an elite component of the Japanese mainland defense army.

    They reached the agreement.

    1. The Soviet Union will clean up the Kwandong-Goon.

    2. The United States will take care of the 17th Regional Army stationed in the southern part of Korea.

  • Roosevelt's plan was to let the Soviet troops do the dirty job of cleaning up the Kwandong-Goon troops, during the landing American landing operations on the Japanese Pacific coasts.

    Roosevelt did not know the Kwandong-Goon had become only a paper tiger after losing of the battle of Nomohan (on the border between Manchuria and Mongolia) in 1939. This in my opinion was the worst foreign policy disaster for the United States in the 20th Century.

  • Five years later, in 1950, Stalin wanted the entire Korean peninsula. You all know how much price Americans paid to block Stalin's ambition. You also know how much Koreans suffered.

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