Korean Children longing for Democracy

High School Period (1948-54)


In 1949, I became interested in how radio receiver works. I am still interested in electronics. If you think my webpages are somewhat unusual, it is because I am still interested in wireless communication and I am still eager to talk to people far away from me. Here are some stories I wrote about radio communication.

Divided Country

After the end of World War II in 1945, American and Soviet troops came to Korea, and the dividing line was the 38th parallel. Soviets were very quick to establish a communist regime in the North headed by Kim Il-Sung. Many educated and Chritian-oriented Koreans in the North moved to the South. There were many those 38 refugees in my high school, and I even picked up Pyongyang-style dielect while attending the high school in Seoul.

Thus, my personality had been profoundly affected by the division of the country. Let us examine in detail.


There are these days many world-class Korean musicians, but it was not the case during the period of the Korean War. I lived in the south-eastern coastal cities in Korea, where I could pick up radio signals from Japan. I started learning music from their radio programs. This learning process is still continuing.

Strictly Forbidden

There was one item strictly forbidden to Korean boys or girls. They were not allowed to read about, talk about, and hear about Karl Marx. Your are now invited to my Marx page.

What Marx said about "workers of all lands" is well known. Marx said many other things. I like what he said about philosophers. He said they are mostly useless. I agree with him.

After High School

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