Korea in 1919

On February 8, 1919, a group of Korean students in Tokyo had a meeting to declare the Independence of Korea from Japanese colonial rule. You are invited to a photo of those Korean students.

On March 1 of 1919, a large number of Koreans came to the funeral service for King Kojong at the Pagoda Park in Seoul. There, 33 Korean patriots read the declaration of independence, which appears in the high-school textbooks. This 3.1 event ignited the sentiment of all Koreans throughout the country.

The 3.1 Independence Movement is well known to all Koreans. We always talk about what Japanese did to us, but we never talk about what Americans did not do for us.

Y.S.Kim (2019.2.20)

In Defense of Woodrow Wilson

Last time, I said Woodrow Wilson did not do anything while Japanese were slaughtering Koreans in 1919. This was the reason why Rhee Seungman never mentioned Wilson's name or his Princeton connection throughout his political life.

I am in front of the building used for Korea's Provisional Government in Shanghai. With me is a senior staff member of the Korean Central Libray.

This government invited Syngman Rhee to become the first president expecting something from his Wilson connection, but became disenchanted because Rhee could not get anything from the United States. Rhee thus went back to U.S.A., and he was later impeached by the Provisional Government.

Rhee was invited to become the first president at our Shanghai Provisional Government because his Wilson connection, but was rejected a year after, because Rhee was not able to get anything from Wilson or the United States.

Y.S.Kim (2019.2.28)

Why is he with Einstein?