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Updated 2019.1.8

Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)

Assistant Professor & Research Fellow in Theoretical Physics

The School of Physics at Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) invites applicants for the positions at the level of KIAS assistant professor and postdoctoral research fellow in theoretical physics. Applicants are expected to have demonstrated exceptional research potential, including major contributions beyond or through the doctoral dissertation.

The annual salary starts from 50,500,000 Korean Won (approximately US$45,900 at current exchange rate) for Research Fellows, and 57,500,000 Korean Won for KIAS Assistant Professors, respectively. In addition, individual research funds of 10,000,000 Korean Won for research fellows and 13,000,000 Korean Won for KIAS Assistant Professors are available per year. The initial appointment for the position is for two years and is renewable once for up to two additional years, depending on research performance and the needs of the research program at KIAS.

Applications are normally reviewed twice a year and the respective deadlines are June 1st and December 1st. In addition, unexpected vacancies may be filled with exceptional candidates throughout the year. Applications must include a curriculum vitae with a cover letter, a list of publications, a research plan, and three letters of recommendation.

Your application materials may be sent to or submitted via Academic Jobs Online at . KIAS also accepts application via conventional mail to:

Ms. Sunmi Wee
Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS)
85 Hoegiro (Cheongnyangni-dong 207-43)
Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02455, South Korea

Max Planck Postech / Korea Research Initiative

Center for Attosecond Science and Technology (CASTECH)


CASTECH ( ) has been established to study ultrafast electron dynamics in atoms, molecules and condensed matter systems, using isolated attosecond pulses and a-few-cycle femtosecond lasers. CASTECH is interested in promoting the measurement, control and exploitation of ultrafast phenomena in nature that have never been explored before. CASTECH is currently operating attosecond light facilities for atomic and molecular physics, ultrafast time-resolved ARTOF (angle-resolved TOF) for band structure dynamics, ultrafast time-resolved PEEM for plasmonic dynamics. CASTECH is also carrying out transient absorption and magnetism (ultrafast magnetism) using a few cycle pulses. Recenlty added is a mid IR femtosecond source to expand the research capabilities into ~ 1keV photon generation and dynamical control of material properties deriving resonant phonons.

CASTECH under MPK is seeking excellent post-doctoral researchers to carry out experiments for the study of ultrafast science using attosecond / femtosecond metrology along with TOF, VMI electron spectrometer, ARTOF electron spectrometer, PEEM and XUV spectrometer.

The successful candidates are expected to have an experience of pump-probe experiments using femtosecond laser with knowledge related to basic optics, and programming skill for data acquisition and analysis in one of atomic, molecular and condensed matter physics area.

An applicant is requested to submit

  1. CV
  2. statement of research achievements in the past and
  3. two letters of recommendation to Prof. Dong Eon Kim ( e-mail: )

Further inquiry is also to be sent to

POSTECH BK21Plus Physics Division

Research Professors and Postdoctoral Fellows in Physics

POSTECH BK21Plus Physics Division has about two openings for research professors or postdoctoral fellows.

The annual salary starts from 36,000,000 Korean Won (approximately US$33,000 at the current exchange rate) for postdoctoral fellows and 48,000,000 Korean Won (approximately US$44,000) for research professors. The initial appointment for the position is for one year with the possibility of renewal upon mutual agreement. The minimum qualification is PhD certificate for postdoctoral fellows and one year of postdoctoral (or equivalent) experience for research professors.

The application deadline is 3 December 2018 for positions beginning as early as 1 February 2019 but no later than 1 April 2019. Applications must include a CV, and a list of publications. Applicants should also arrange one recommendation letter (two for the research professor position) to be e-mailed to the address given below. Only e-mail applications are acceptable and be sure to state clearly in your application whether your application is for a postdoctoral or research professor position. All application documents (PDF format preferred) should be e-mailed to

Ms. Soo-Kyung Kim POSTECH BK21 Physics Division & Department of Physics:

Those interested are strongly encouraged to contact individual faculty members of the BK21Plus Physics Division with common research interest since selected candidates are expected to maintain a strong collaboration with the faculty members. The prospect of the strong collaboration is an important factor in the selection process. Contact information of the faculty members can be found at the POSTECH Physics Department web site or at the POSTECH BK21Plus Physics Division web site

The application deadline is 10. 10, 2018. To ensure full consideration, application documents should be received no later than this date. Additionally applicants will be requested to arrange for two letters of recommendations to be sent to the Department Chair ( For further information, please contact Prof. Hee-Won Lee (

Pusan National University

Department of Physics Education

Faculty position in Theoretical Physics (all areas of physics)

Sogang University

Faculty position in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics or Optics, starting in March 2019 (spring semester).

For further information, contact the Chairperson:

Additional information will be posted on August 13 at

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP)

Young Scientist Training Program(YST) The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) opens a few positions for the Young Scientist Training program at the postdoctoral fellow level in theoretical physics and related fields.

The APCTP (, founded in 1996, is a non-governmental organization aiming for an international center dedicated to excellence in research and the training of young scientists in the Asia-Pacific region.

The YST program is for young physicists who are at an early stage of their research career and provides the opportunity for the best early stage post-doctoral researchers from all over the world for a period of up to two years. All subject areas in theoretical physics are eligible. The APCTP offers YST fellows an ideal environment for research and potential collaborations with in-house senior academics (Junior Research Groups), POSTECH faculty & members, visiting scholars from Korea and abroad, and participants of various scientific programs organized at the APCTP or at APCTP’s member and partner institutes.

Funding is initially available for one year, renewable for a second year depending on the research performance and the availability of resources for the program. An annual salary, including severance pay, is in the range KRW 32,500,000 to KRW 40,000,000 depending on research experience and qualification. In addition to the salary, some research expenses and part of relocation costs, KRW 3,000,000/year are provided. The starting date is expected to be November 1, 2018.

Please send the application package including CV, publication list, short description of research accomplishments, future plans, at least two recommendation letters respectively from referees to by August 11, 2018 (UTC +09:00). The letters of recommendation should be arranged to be sent directly from the referees to the above email address by the application deadline.

Kyungpook National University

Tenure Track (International) Faculty Position in Physics The Department of Physics at Kyungpook National University invites applications for a full-time tenure-track international faculty position at the junior or senior level in all subfields of Physics, to be appointed on March 1, 2019.

Eligible candidates should have a Ph.D. and postdoctoral research experience. Applicants should possess an outstanding potential to establish an independent research program and a commitment to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in English. The Department has active research groups in high energy physics, nuclear physics, and condensed matter physics. However, outstanding candidates from all subfields of Physics are strongly encouraged to apply. Salary is competitive but non-negotiable and depends on the candidate’s experience. Kyungpook National University has about 1,170 full time faculties, 22,890 undergraduate students and 5,779 graduate students in two campuses: Daegu Campus and Sangju Campus.

The Department of Physics is located in Daegu, one of the metropolitan cities in the southeast area of Korea with a population of 2.5 million.

The full details and application forms can be found at

Applications should be sent to Professor D. H. Kim (head of department), Department of Physics, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 41566, R epublic of Korea. Electronic applications and inquiries may be sent to

The application deadline is August 31, 2018.