Mount Vernon

George Washington was the founding president of the United States. He led the War of Independence successfully and became the first president of the new nation. As the world-wide influence of the United States grows, Washington gains more and more respects from Americans and the people of the world. Here is his house, about 20 km south of the White House in the city named after him. His place is called Mount Vernon.

Potomac River viewed from the backyard. Many visitors to Mt. Vernon dress up like George Washington's soldiers.
Artillery Re-enactment of Washington's Independence War. Once every year, there is a three-day meeting of battle re-enactments at the Mt. Vernon ground. There are 70 regiments of re-enactment army throughout the United States, and they assemble here to show their talents and dedication to General George Washington.

This boy also wants to be under General Washington's command. His sister seems to be somewhat confused.

Washington's army used trucks like this.

Rossborough Inn located on the campus of the University of Maryland. Washington used to rest in this house on his way from Philadelphia to Mt. Vernon. The road Washington travelled is now called US-1 (highway No. 1). This road goes through the campus of the University of Maryland.
This is a photo taken from the top of the Mount Washington in Pittsburgh. Two rivers, Allegheny and Monongahela, merge into one called Ohio River. The triangular area behind the bridge is called Fort Pitt Park. This area used to be a strategic point controlling transportation from the East Coast to agricultural lands of Ohio. About ten years before the American Independence, there was a French military post called Fort Duquesne, taking military orders from the headquarters in Quebec. It was taken by the British colonial army, after three battles. The place was renamed as Fort Pitt. The key military officer in the British army was George Washington. Indeed, he gained his military background for his historic mission from his Pittsburgh battles. Did you know this?