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    • John S. Toll was John A. Wheeler's student at Princeton and came to the University of Maryland in 1953 to build the physics department.

          I am the youngest person in this faculty photo of 1963. Click here for a full image of this photo.

          John Toll used to become very happy whenever I invited Eugene Wigner to Maryland. This photo was taken at the Chancellor's mansion in 1986.

      1. He served as the chairman of department until 1965. He hired me as an assistant professor in 1962, and I worked for him until 1965 when he went to Stony Brook as the university president.

        On the door of the chairman's office, he had a sign saying

          For administrative matters, make appointments with my secretary.
          For physics matters, come right in.

        We need more people like John S. Toll in physics. Is physics above money or money above physics? Click here.

      2. In 1978, Toll came back to Maryland as the chancellor of the State university System, and he became very happy whenever I invited Eugene Wigner to Maryland. Here is my photo with Toll and Wigner.

      3. The best thing Toll did for me was to assign me as Dirac's servant when he visited Maryland in 1962. Click here for a story. He was always on my side whenever I had difficult times with my colleagues. In spite of his busy schedule at the Chancellor's office, he used to come to my seminars. I am very proud to say that I am Johnny Toll's boy.

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