John A. Wheeler as a Cartoonist

Wheeler in Moscow (1991).
In 1977, the University of Maryland awarded honorary doctoral degrees to five distinguished Americans. Among them were Herbert Block and John A. Wheeler. You all know who Wheeler was. Do you know who Block was?

Feynman (1986), from AIP Emilio Segre Visual Archives.
As for the degrees, it was too late for me to complain to University authorities about their failure to see the common ground for Wheeler and Herblock. But I knew that I would have a chance to present the case at a later date. This is precisely the purpose of this webpage. It seems to be much easier and far more effective to present my views to internet than to bureaucracy.

In physics, we draw cartoons to convey abstract ideas. Abstract ideas in turn are formulated from what we observe in the real world. Then digital cameras should play roles in formulating abstract ideas. These days, we have a very serious environmental problem. Fresh air and fresh water are disappearing. Physicists should worry about this problem. We can photograph these environmental problems.

Equally serious, perhaps so, is the disappearance of beautiful mind. Let us see whether we can photograph the abstract concept of beautiful mind.

Y. S. Kim (2016.9.30)

Why is he with Einstein?
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