Physics as Art of Harmony

Quartet of

Einstein, Dirac, Wigner, Feynman

I enjoy constructing webpages on the subject of harmony.

  • Kant. In his early years, Einstein studied the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. People say his Kantian philosophical base played the key role in developing the concept of relativity.

  • Kaliningrad. Kant spent 80 years of his entire life in his city called Koenigsberg (now called Kaliningrad). It is said that Kant was able to derive his philosophy from the life style of this city.

  • Planck and Einstein. Planck and Einstein have one important thing in common. Planck connected the low-energy behavior and high-energy behavior of the radiation law, and found a single formula for both. Einstein's energy-momentum formula is applicable to both high-momentum (and massless) and low-momentum (slow) limits.

  • Kazan. Hillary Clinton went to this Volga city of Kazan after hearing that Moslems and Christians live together in harmony. I found out this in 1999 when I went there.

  • Harmony in Music. The harmony is the most important variable in music.

  • Harmony in Architecture. Architecture styles are different depending on historical background. It is a challenge to combine those different elements into a new style.

  • History of Physics. I enjoy telling stories together with photos. It is a challenge to make stylish combinations. This is the question of harmony.

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Photos of Dirac and Feynman are from the AIP E. Segre Visual Archives. The photo of Wigner is from my personal collection. The 1947 photo of Einstein is in the public domain.