In 1954, I was a high-school boy in Korea. Americans seem to like this photo. This photo was published first in the newpaper for American troops in Korea (1954). These days, they include this photo whenever they talk about me.
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    In 2014 = 60 + 1954, with an Italian high-school girl in Florence (Italy).

High-School Diary of

Kim Young Suh

Contribution of a New Culture: Alumni Contribution System!

Korean War (1950-1953)

Undergraduate Years (1954-1958)

Princeton Years (1958-1962)

Period of Adjustments (1962-1966)

Greater Washington Area (since 1962)

Construction of the
Princeton Genealogy of Einstein-Wigner-Kim

  • What do they say about me?

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    2. Video from the IAOTP (International Association of Top Professionals).