In 1954, I was a high-school boy in Korea. Americans seem to like this photo. This photo was published first in the newspaper for American troops in Korea (1954). These days, they include this photo whenever they talk about me.
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    We were trained to become soldiers, but not to talk to girls. I still talk like a high-school boy. Girls seem to like me.

    In 2014 = 60 + 1954, with an Italian high-school girl in Florence (Italy).

High-School Diary of

Kim Young Suh

Contribution of a New Culture: Alumni Contribution System!

    When I went to Princeton in July of 1958, I noticed many of the buildings had personal names, such as Palmer Hall, Fine Hall, McCosh Hall, 1942 Hall, etc. Each building carries the name of the person or the group of people who contributed money to construct it. They were the graduates of Princeton University. The 1942 building was donated by those who graduated in 1942.

    It was one year after Principal Kim Won-Kyu left our school in 1957, and the morale of our students was sinking. In order to lift up their morale, I decided to send $100 per year to our high school. This became the beginning of our alumni contribution system.
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Second Phase

  • In Korea (1958), it was a very strange idea for high school or college graduates to make monetary contributions to their alma mater. Thus, I became well known to Koreans for this strange practice. Some people praised me, but most of them accused me of buying fame with money. Things are different these days. Koreans are making a progress along this direction.

    Ten years later in 1968, the graduates of the same high scholl decided to follow my example of sending money to their high school in Korea. The total amount of money was increasing every year.

Final Phase

Korean War (1950-1953)

Roofless Classrooms in Busan

Undergraduate Years (1954-1958)

Princeton Years (1958-1962)

Period of Adjustments (1962-1966)

Greater Washington Area (since 1962)

Construction of the
Princeton Genealogy of Einstein-Wigner-Kim