Garden of Eden

A New Interpretation

As you can see, God created me. I appeared very lonely to Him. He thus created two women to make me happy. Why two?

    God created me, and pulled out two ribs from me. I seem to have the same number of ribs on both sides.

  • When I was a young boy, my grandmother told me I have one less rib on my left chest, because God pulled out one of the ribs from Adam's chest to make a woman. In 1990, I looked at my chest X-ray, and found out the same number of ribs on both sides. Thus, God must have pulled out two ribs from my chest.

    1. God then told me to obey some simple rules. If I obey Him, the entire world is my Garden of Eden.

    2. As you all know, God pulled out only one rib from Adam. Adam did not obey God and he got kicked out from the Garden of Eden. I am different.

  • The Garden of Eden is an abstract concept. Here is one of the paintings of the Garden in the Vatican Museum. You would agree that this is an out-dated representation of this abstract concept.

  • Richard Feynman was a great physicist. He was also an accomplished artist. Let us look at some of his paintings and drawings from this link. Like many artists, he used one woman in each frame to express his imagination. In so doing, he is telling us God created one woman for him. Many people thought like Feynman before the Old Testament was written in the 6th Century BC.

    This webpage is based on my old photos. I thought I could construct a concept of the Garden of Eden using internet technology. If you have comments and/or suggestions, you can e-mail me.

    Two Russian ladies in front of the Tschaikovsky statue at the Moscosw Conservatory of Music (top). Two ladies near the Tchaikosky Concert Hall (bottom).
  • Russian ladies at the statue of Tschikovsky in front of the main hall of the Moscow Conervatory of Music (2014).

  • Lydia Arndt also works for Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. She is a very quiet person, and she comes with her daughter at social gatherings. This photo was taken in Dubna (2000).
    1. Two years later, we met again in Prague (2002). Again she was with her daughter, who became taller.

  • Three Russian Ladies in Moscow. I spotted these three ladies near the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in November of 2010. I asked them whether I could photograph them. They said YES. We then took turns to produce two more photos.
    1. With two of them, I had a photo.
    2. Then another photo.

  • With two stage actresses during their break near the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.
  • With two Russian Ladies at the statue of Alexander Pushkim in Moscow (2018).

  • Two information officers at the Hotel National near the Kremlin entrance in Moscow (2018).
  • Two ladies in the breakfast room at the Hotel Metropol in Mocosw (2016).

  • S7 Siberian Airlines from Moscow to Kazan (November 2010). I look OK with these two friendly ladies.

  • Coffee break at the Gum store overlooking the Red Square. Lenin's tomb is seen on the other side of the Red Square.
    1. Two Russian ladies at the center of the Red Square. Vladimir Putin's office is underneath the dome seen in the background.
    2. Two Russian sisters from Samara at the Gum Store in Moscow (2016).

  • Two Conference participants when I attended a conference held in St. Petersburg (2003).
    1. Two Russian scientists resting at the Hermitige Museum in St. Petersburg (2014).

    2. Two ladies at the Soviet Cafe on Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg (2008).
    3. Two ladies next to Pushkin's statue st the Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg.
    4. Russian mother and daughter at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg.

    5. Two Russian ladies on a cruise boat in St. Petersburg (2014). They came from Siberia.
    6. Two Russian ladies at the Kronshtadt Island in the bay of St. Petersburg. This island was and still is a very important naval base (2016).

  • Two Russian Sisters. When I was attending a conference at the Volga beach near Kazan in 2000, they always stayed close to me. I asked them why they like a man as old as their grandfather. They said I am like their elder brother. They knew what I like to hear. They seem to be interested in how I made out in the United States after coming from Korea when I was as young as they are now.

  • River Cruise. With two students on a cruise ship along the Volga River. The Russian flag is in the background (2001).

  • A Beautiful Set of Mother and Daughter. I walked into Kazan's town hall to see what was happening there. There was a wedding reception, and many teenager boys and girls came in their formal dresses. I spotted there a mother with he teenager daughter, and asked them whether I can have a photo with them.
    1. Photo without Mom. Then the girl pushed away her mother, and wanted to have a photo with me alone. Her mother happliy stayed away. Beautiful people with beautiful hearts. This is Kazan's Town Hall.

    2. Two students at Kazan's Bauman Street (main shopping area).
    3. Two Russian ladies at a Moslem gift store at the Bauman Street. One half of the Kazan population are Moslems.

  • I spotted these two girls in the lobby of Kazan's concert hall. They agreed to be photographed, and then invited me to have a photo together.
    1. My photo with them. How do I look?
    2. Kazan's Concert Hall. Everywhere in Russia, Russians believe in music.
    3. Russian Ballerinas. Russians produce great ballets, and those ballerinas look like dolls or angeles on the stage. How would they look when they are passengers on an airplane. I met these ladies on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Kazan (June 2001). This photo was taken when we were waiting on line for passport inspection at Kazan's international airport. They are holding their Russian passports.

  • Mother and daughter from Khabarovsk. Khabarovsk is a Russian city at the eastern end of Siberia, north of the Korean Peninsula. I met these two ladies in the Church of Resurrection in Saint Petersburg (November 2010). While I was in Korea until 1954, I used to pick up Radio Moscow shortwave signals relayed at powerful shortwave stations in Khabarovsk, but I had never expected to meet anyone from Khabarovsk.
    1. Two more Russian Ladies from Khavarovsk at one of the Brazilian restaurents in Rio (2011).
    2. Two Russian ladies at a Russian gift shop in Riga (Latvia 2008).
    3. Two Russian Gardeners in Kaliningrad (2005). Do you know where Kaliningrad is? Click here.

    4. Rwo Russian ladies at the grave of Immanuel Kant in Kaliningrad (2005). Before 1945, Kaliningrad was a German city called Koenigsberg. Kant was born there and spent the entire 80 years of his life in the same city.
    5. Two hostesses on the S7 Siberian Ailines. This photo was taken at the Kazan Airport at the end of a flight from Moscow. It takes one and half hours from Moscow to Kazan.

  • These Two Ladies are excellent physicists from the Stepanov Institute of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. They are Raisa Zaporozhchenko and Tatiana Karlovich (younger lady). We had this photo in 2004 while I was attending a conference held in Minsk.
    1. Two Students from Minsk. This photo was produced in front of Catherine's winter palace in St. Petersburg (2003). Here is another photo.

    2. Two ladies at the Minsk Airpot, while waiting for a flight to Vienna (2013).
    3. Two Belarusian ladies in Berlin (2015). The Humboldt University of Berlin is seen in the background. They came from Minsk. They became very happy when I told them I have been to Minsk six times to attend conferences.
    4. Two Physicists from Saint Petersburg. This photo was produced in Minsk (Belarus 2004).
    5. Italian and Russian Physicists. In 2002, we had a photo with an Italian physicist from Sicily in Minsk
    6. Two years later, we produced the second edition of this photo again in Minsk.

    These two girls took turns
    to stand next to me.

  • Two Sweet Girls. While in Kharkov (July 2000), I invited these two girls to a photo with my colleague. They were just walking by. In November of 2001, they came to me while I was attending the Akhiezer memorial conference held in Kharkov. It was a total surprise to me. They asked me whether I brought their photos. I apologized to them and promised to put the pictures on my website, and I invited them to join me in the conference banquet. However, my proposal was rejected by the conference organizers. Their reasoning was that these girls are too young. We were thoroughly disappointed. They wanted to spend more time with me. I now have their addresses and will make every effort to heal their wounds.

  • Two Ukrainian ladies at a trendy restaurant in Kiev (2006).

  • Two Medical Doctors from Dnepropetrovsk staying at the President Hotel Kievsky in Kiev (2006). They appeared to have beautiful minds. I asked them whether I could photograph them. They invited me to sit down with them, and I had a photo with them. There are many medical doctors in my family. In order to be a successful doctor, he/she must have a beautiful mind and must always be ready to help others.

  • Two young students in Kiev (2011).
  • Two Ukrainian ladies in Krakow, Poland (2012). They came from the Russian of Lvov, which was a Polish city until World War II (1939-45).

  • Russian Lady from Omsk. I met her on the Cote d'Azur beach. It was the first time to meet, but this Russian lady behaved as if he she were with her brother. This photo was taken by her embarrassed daughter. It was not the first time for me to have this kind of experience with Russian ladies. This prompted me to do a research along this line, and I constructed a theory of why. Click here for the result of my research.
    1. Two Russian Friends in Shanghai (July 2011). They came from Moscow and are working at the Wyndham Hotel located at the East Bunt Region of Shanghai for practical training. They came from Moscow, and they are mighty proud of their city.

    2. Two Russian Ladies in Athens (July 2008). I could tell they came from Russia, and they became very happy when I started talking about their country. They came from Moscow.
    3. A cool summer evening with two Russian ladies in Yerevan (Armenia 1998).

    4. Two Russian ladies from Moscow on a narrow street in Venice (2014).

    5. Two Russian Ladies from Murmansk. The city of Murmansk is at the harlfway between Moscow and the North Pole. I met them at one of the samba theaters in Rio de Janeiro.
    6. Russian financial engineer with her friend from Kazakhstan. She came from Moscow's Yasanevo residential complex. I met these two ladies at the breakfast cafe of a Zurich hotel (2104). I do not know too much about their business, but I know there are many banks in Switzerland, and there are many rich people Russia and Kazakhstan thanks to their petroleum resources. It is easy to trace how the oil flows, but you need a professional skill to trace how the money flows.
    7. Two Russian ladies running a gift shop in Munich. One of them came from Novosirsk and the other from a town I do not know about. They became very happy when I ask them when I asked them whether they are Russians.

  • Russians in Rio de Janeiro. I met these two Russian ladies at the Copacabana beach (2007). It was very easy to talk with them because I know about their country. They came from Moscow.
    1. Victory Day March. We noted that it was the 9th day of May. It was the Victory Day in Russia and Russian soldiers march on the Red Square. We then started to march in the Russian style. I did not do too well in walking like Russian soldiers.
    2. Victory Day March. Let us see how Russian soldiers march.

  • Two Russian students from Siberia near Tomsk. I met them in Las Vegas, at the Caesars Palace (June 2012). They came to the United States in the travel and study program and came to Las Vegas for curiosity. The young lady on my right is studying business and finance and wants to become rich and powerful. The student on my left is studying law and wants to become the president of Russia. It was a great pleasure to talk with those young students.
    1. Unilke other girls in Las Vegas, those Russian students were not wearing high hills. They were conservatively dressed.
    2. Under Hadrian's dome, this photo was taken.
    3. The Caesar Palace looks like this during the day time.
    4. Julius Caesar welcomes you when you enter the Palace.
    5. In the evening, the front of the Palace looks like this.

  • Two Ukrainian ladies in Krakow (Poland 2013). They came from Lviv. When I told them Lviv once belonged to Poland, they vehemently denied. Their place has always been an Ukrainian city.
    1. Russian physicist with her Italian colleague while attending a conference in Boston (2003).
    2. Two Russian students at the Louvre Museum in Paris (2010).

    3. Russian student with her Indian friend working at a restaurant in New York (2010).
    4. Russian lawyer with her colleague from Saudi Arabia. They were attending a conference held at a hotel in Fairfax, Virginia (near Washington, DC 2014).

    5. Two Russian ladies at the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, in front of the Medici Fountain (July 2015).
    6. Two Russian ladies in Seoul (2017). They came from Moscow.
    7. Two Russian ladies in Busan (2017). They were born in Kamchaka, and they now live in Shakhalin.

  • Two Moslem ladies from Azerbaijan. They are Moslems and they are not supposed to touch a strange man, but they said I am not strange to them because I am a professor in the United States. This photo was produced outside the Kremlin Wall (2014). Do you know where Azerbaijan is?
    1. Financial Analysts from Kazakhstan. I met them in Vienna (October 2007). They were attending a workshop on banking. There are people who trace the flow of oil in their country, but the country needs those who can trace the flow of money.
    2. Students from Almaty studying at American University in Washington, DC (January 2008).
    3. Two Sisters from Tashkent. Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbeckistan, which used to be one of the Soviet Republics in the past. There are many people from Tashkent throughout Russia. This frame contains two photos taken in Kazan (1999).
    4. Two ladies from Kazakhstan at a Georgian restaurant in Sopot (nr. Gdansk), Poland (2015).

  • Two Mona Lisas in Milan. Look at their smiles. Their smiles are real, unlike the smile of Leonardo da Vinci's imaginary lady. This photo was produced on the street called "via Montenapoleone" in Milan (July 5, 2002). This district of Milan is known as the fashion capital of the world. Here is a close-up view. These ladies look better without me.
    1. Two Italians in Milan (2002).
    2. Another photo from Milan.

  • Young lady with her aunt at a market place in Genoa (2003).
    1. Two Italian visitors who came to Genova to enjoy the city (2015). I came for the same purpose.
    2. Italian mother and daughter in Genoa. In the background is the House of Christopher Columbus (2015).

  • Two art professors at the University of Bolgna (2014).
    1. Two Italian girls interested in studying at this university.
    2. Two students after their graduation ceremony.
    3. Two students with a strong view toward how the world should be.
    4. Two more students on the campus.
    5. Two art professors at the University of Bolgna (2014).

  • Italian Sisters. I spotted these two look-alike Italian ladies at a Verona park. I asked them whether they are twins. They said No, but they said they are sisters. I then asked who is older. They did not answer but asked me to sit down with them, and we had
    1. I am in this photo. I am very happy to be with them.

    2. Munich (2004). Open-hearted ladies from Trieste at the Hofbrau-Haus in Munich.
    3. Galileo's House in Padova. I am with one Italian lady (sun glasses) and he friend from England.

    4. Italian Ladies at Florence's restaurant Il Latini (2004). It is not easy to meet Italians in the city of Florence.
    5. Italian student with her grandmother at Orly Airport in Paris (2012). They were coming from Florence.

    6. Italian ladies in Berlin (2018). They came from the Unbria Province (central region). I met them in the open cafeteria next to the Radisson Blu Hotel near the Berlin Dome.

  • Italians in Rome. There are many Italian ladies in Rome. This photo was taken at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome. There are two ladies sitting, and another enviously looking at us. This photo was taken by my wife while we were vacationing in Italy (June 2000). Certainly God created me and then Italian women.
    1. Green Power Advocates at the Termini (main railroad station, 2010).

    2. Graduate Students in Physics, at the Universita di Roma.
    3. Italian Students at the Cafe Ponte Milvio (November 2010).
    4. Italian Lady with her grandmother. Photo taken on the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele (2015). The Castal Saint'Angelo is seen in the background.?

    5. Two Italian volunteers to help the people, particularly homeless people, at the Vatican territory near St. Peter's Cathedral. They asked me how they can help. I told them they can help me if they have a photo together (2015). Very cheerful young ladies!

  • Naples. In a classy restaurant called "Reginella" in Naples (January 1998). Very cheerful Italian ladies. They think I am a funny man.
    1. Two students on a train from Naples to Caserta (March 2005).

  • Alesandra Gatti is an outstanding Italian physicist, and I meet her often at conferences. I have many photos with her, but I look much happier with one additional lady. This photo was produced in Iguassu Falls (Brazil 2011).
    1. with Alesandra Gatti and Olga Man'ko, while attending a conference in Boston Boston (2001). All three in this photo are distinguished physicists, and they know how to express themselves.
    2. Two Italian physicists at the ICSSUR meeting held at Olomouc, Czeck Republic (2009).
    3. Two physiciists in Salerno (2005).

  • Two Ladies in Palermo. How did I meet them? We just met at the city park and I proposed a photo (2010). They cheerfully agreed.
    1. A set of Palermo Ladies while waiting in the check-in line at the Palermo Airport (2010).
    2. Two Physicists from Palermo while attending a conference in Puebla (Mexico 2001).
    3. Italian and Russian Physicists. They came from Sicily (real Italy) and St. Petersburg (real Russia) respectively. Can you tell which lady is Italian, or Russian? Photo taken in Minsk (May 2002).

  • Copacabana Beach in Rio, with Brazilian mother and daughter (2000). I am enjoying a fruit drink not available in the United States.
    1. Two Brazilian Ladies at the top of the Jesus mountain in Rio de Janeiro (2011). Here is another photo.
    2. One Brazilian Lady and my wife at the top of the Sugarload Mountain in Rio.

    3. Two Interior Decorators in Iguassu Falls. They were working on a Japanese room at the Mabu Thermas Resort Hotel.
    4. Two Flower Artists working for the Mabu Thermas Hotel in Iguassu Falls.
    5. Two Brazilian Students on a bus from the Sao Paulo airport to the city (2011).
    6. Two Receptionists at the Royal Boutique Hotel in Sao Paulo (2011).
    7. Two Brazilian Ladies in Buenos Aires (2011).
    8. Two Brazilian Ladies in Cancun (2013). We were waiting for a ferry boat to Mujares Island.

    9. Two Brazilian Friends I met at London's Tottingham Court metro station (2009).
    10. Brazilian Sisters in Athens (July 2008). This photo led me to think God created two women for me. I was standing alone there in 1999.
    11. Brazilian Ladies in front of New York's Metropolotian Museum of Art (2002)
    12. Two Brazilian Ladies at the BWI Airport. They came from a north-eastern province of Brazil (March 2014).

  • Two young ladies from Argentina at the Washington Harbor (2012). Washington's Kennedy Center is in the background. Also seen is the Watergate Complex.

  • Two Peruvian Iadies at a hotel breakfast room in Shanghai (2013).

  • Two ladies from El Salvador, while waiting for a flight to London at the Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Rome (December 2015).

  • Two ladies from Venezuela in front of the Merces-Benz Meseum in Sttutgart Germany (2012)

  • Two Costa Rican ladies in Florence (2014).

  • Mexican Models, in Puebla (June 2003). Models usually charge money for photos, but these Mexican ladies gave me a free shot.
    1. Two sisters from one of Mexico's northern provinces. This photo was taken by their father in Cancun (July 2004).
    2. Two Mexican ladies in the Mujares Island near Cancun (2004).
    3. Mexican mother and daughter the ferry boat coming from the Mujares island to Cancun (2004). Here the mother looks younger than her daughter.
    4. Mexican Mother and Daughter in Amsterdam (July 2008).
    5. Mexican students at the GDG Airport (Paris 2010). They were going to Moscow for a ballet lesson during the summer months.
    6. Mexican Senior Citizen from Arizona (USA). She has a daughter of my age . She went to the United States when she was 16 years old, and built a very respectable family in Arizona. Her daughter was born in USA. This photo was taken in Mexico's Isla Mujeres (July 2004). I met both of them again on the ferry boat returning from the Island.
    7. Another set of mother and daughter on the Mujares ferry boat (2013).
    8. Two Mexican ladies at the old town in San Diego (2015).

  • French Police officers in Marseille (July 2008).
    1. French Chemists at St. Peter's Square in Rome (June 2000).
    2. Lalique. French ladies working at the Lalique headquarters store in Paris (July 2002). I bought an item at this store. They were very happy to have a photo with me.
    3. Two French Ladies from Lyon. I met them at the Orsay Museum in Paris (2012).
    4. French mother and daughter at the Monparnasse Metro station in Paris (2012).
    5. At the Pompidu Center in Metz, it It was a pleasure to have a chat with these two artists and have this photo. They are in charge of putting up exhibitions at the Center.

    6. Two officers working for the city hall. I met them at one of the restaurants in Metz (2012). They are competent administrators, and they know how people live. We had very interesting conversations on many things in the world.
    7. Two more ladies in Metz. I met these cheerful ladies in the Brasserie New York (2012). I was very happy to see a Texaco gas pump which disappeared in the United States many years ago. This pump was used when the gasoline price was less than one dollar.
    8. Two French ladies at an old palace in Seoul, Korea (2017).
    9. Two French ladies in the breakfast room at the Couryard Hotel in Seoul, Korea (2017).
    10. Two French ladies after breakfast at the Hotel Fernando III in Seville (Spain 2019).

  • Two AirFrance ladies, during a flight from Paris to Washington (2004.11.25)
    1. AF flight from Washington to Paris (July 2008).
    2. Sheraton Stockholm (June 1010) ready to fly back to Paris. They seem to look better without me.

  • Two French students in Strasbourg (2012). Very cheerful French girls. They spoke English fluently.
    1. Another set of students at the the statue of Johnnes Gutenberg in Strasbourg.
    2. French students in Geneva. They came from Nice, the city of artists in France (May 2003). They are studying commercial arts.
    3. French students. at the Jean-Paul Sartre Square on Friday night because there are many young people in that area. Christmas trees are in the background (January 2012). I am as old as their grandfathers, but I can still talk like a student, because my profession is to talk to students.
    4. Two French students in Budapest (2013), in front of an old church.
    5. Two French students at Sorbonne Univ. in Paris (2014).
    6. Two French students at College de France.
    7. Two French students at the Univ. of Pierre et Marie Curie.

  • Two Austrian Ladies I met in Pecs, Hungary (2002). They were travelling around Europe to learn new things and to meet new people. They became very happy when I talked about their city as the music capital of the world. They came from Vienna.
    1. Austrian Airlines at the Dulles International Airport serving the Washington DC area (September 2008).
    2. Two Austrian ladies at the Mozart Square in Salzburg (2013).
    3. Two Austrian ladies at an out-door cafe in Vienna (2013).

  • New Opera Dress Code. During the intermission in the Frankfurt Opera House, I noticed many black-tied gentlemen, and ladies were also formally dressed. There were some informally dressed like myself, and I was looking for the ladies with appropriately dressed. I found them and we agreed that we are more in tune with the real world. There are two ladies in this photo. One of them lives in Frankfurt, and the other is from Vienna. Both of them are opera lovers (2001).
    1. Two German ladies at the Semper Opera House in Dresden (2004). They have coffee/wine break outside the building.
    2. Two German ladies on a bridge in Nuremberg (2010).
    3. Two German ladies at the Augustinerkeller restaurant in Munich (2011). Two more.
    4. Two German ladies is Paris. This photo was taken at the pond near the Georges Pompidou Center (2012).

  • German Medical Students in Dusseldorf (november 2010). They were celebrating the beginning of their traditional winter-long Carnival season which lasts until March.
    1. Two students at the Univ. of Leizpig (2010).
    2. German Students at a French cafe in Stuttgart (2012).
    3. Two German students at the Cologne railroad platform (2014).

    4. Two German students on the campus of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (2016).
    5. Two more students at the metro station at the Karlz Plaz in Munich (2016). They told me how to go to their university. They are healthy, strong, and 60 years younger than I am.

    6. Two German students at the Heidelberg Castle (July 2016).
    7. Two German professors at the Univ. of Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris (2017).
    8. Two German students in Nice (France 2017).
    9. Two students at the Potsdamerplatz in Berlin. I met them the Korean Unification Hall near the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Germany and Korea were divided into two by big powers at the end of World War II in 1945. Germany became united 1990, but Korea still remains divided. Koreans come here to pray for the unification of their country. I prayed there in this form.

  • German mother and daughter at Berlin's Tegel Airport (2013). They were going to London for a weekend retreat. The mother is a medical doctor, and the daughter is a financial engineer. Two highly educated German ladies.
    1. German mother and daughter came with bat masks. I mantioned "Die Fledermaus," meaning Johann Strauss's opera about a New Year's Eve party. They understood what I was saying, and I had a photo with them.
    2. Two German music lovers. I met them at the lobby of the Maritaim Proart Hotel in Berlin (2015). They were resting before going to an opera. We noted that the lobby was decorated to be a garden of Eden. I told them I am happy to be with two ladies because God pulled out two ribs for two women, and I told them I have the same number o f ribs on both sides.

  • Two Polish Students at Krakow's Market Square (2002).
    1. Two Polish Students in Warsaw (2003) at a bus stop in front of the Hotel Sobietski.
    2. LOT Polish Airlines at Warsaw's Frederick Chopin Airport (November 2003). Polish ladies are warm-hearted.
    3. Two Polish ladies at Gdansk's Solidarity Square (2010).
    4. with two ladies next to the statue of Saint John-Paul II at Krakow's Wawol castle (2013).

    5. Two Polish students in front of the physical sciences building at the Univ. of Gdansk (2013)
    6. Two more students at the Univ. of Gdansk.

    7. Polish lady interested in an amber jewelry in the market building at Krakow's Market Square (2013). The shop keeper is also in this photo. Thus, there are two ladies!
    8. At a Russian restaurant, with two Polish ladies.
    9. One of the coffee shops. Coffees and pastries taste the same everywhere. The differenc is in the people who serve.

    10. Two Polish ladies who know how to take care of their appearances. I spotted them at the Sopot beach near Gdansk (July 2015), and I had a photo with them.
    11. Two Polish students in Sopot (near Gdansk) ready to attend a campus party (July 2015).

  • Two Polish ladies in Chicgo (2003). They came from Crakow. They became happy when I told them I have been there.
    1. Two Polish ladies at the Covent Garden in London (2015).
    2. Polish Lady with her Italian friend at the Cathedral Square in Cologne (Germany 2014).

    Two graduate students at Princeton (2002)

    Wilson School at Princeton

  • Polish graduate students at Princeton's Graduate College (2002). I was a graduate student there from 1958 to 1961. There were no female students then.

    1. During this cold-war period, there was one male student from Poland studying at the Woodrow Wilson School for Public Affairs. He was exceptional, because students from communist countries were unthinkable at that time. He came as a Woodrow Wilson fellow to attend the W. Wilson School for Public Affairs.

    2. At the end of World War I, Wilson (the president of the United State) had his 14-point plan for the world peace. His plan included the unification and independence of Poland. Since then, Princeton had been granting fellowships to Polish students. I assume this program still continues. Wilson was the president of Princeton University before becoming the president of the United States.

  • At an Amber store in Vilnius, these ladies are very happy with me because I spent $160 at there.
    1. Lithuanian Ladies working at a shopping mall.
    2. Lithuanian students going home after school (2008)
    3. Lithuanian Students working at a steak/lobster restaurant. They are students at a medical school in Kounas (Lithuania). They came to the United States for a work exchange program during the summer of 2011. One of them was very tall, and she wanted to show she is taller than I am. They became very happy when I told them I have been to their country.
    4. Lithuanian Ladies working at the Garfunkel restaurant near the Paddington Station in London (2012).
    5. Lithuanian mother and daughter at the Aberdeen Steak House in front of the Paddington Station in London (2018).
    6. Two Lithuanian ladies in Paris (2017). They became happy when I told them I have been to their country. The Eiffel Tower is in the background.
    7. Two Lithuanian ladies in Seville (Spain 2019). The city of Seville was originally developed as botanic garden 1000 years ago by Moslem Arabs. It is still a botanic garden, like the Garden of Eden,

  • Two Latvian Professionals in Cannes (France 2006). One of them (right) is an IT engineer and the other is a fashion designer. Very smart ladies! I enjoyed talking with them, and we promised to meet again preferably in the United States.
    1. Air-Baltic ladies at Radison Blu Hotel in Riga (June 2010).
    2. During an Air-Baltic flight from Moscow to Berlin (2016).

  • Two Danish Students in Copenhagen. They were kind enough to ask me to sit next to their table at a sidewalk cafe in Copenhagen's main shopping street (June 2006).
    1. Danish Student in Athens (July 2008). She studies Greek history in Athens. She was very proud to tell that she is a gradue of the high school Niels Bohr attended many years ago. Across from the table is her Greek friend.
    2. Two Danish ladies at a lakeside in Copenhagen (2015).
    3. Two Danish ladies waiting for a hotel elevator in Berlin (2016).

  • Two Swedish ladies in Vienna after a Mozart concert at Musikverein (2007). Very cheerful ladies indeed.
    1. Two Swedish ladies in London. I spotted them while walking along Bayswater Road north of Kensington Gardens (2008). It was a cold winter day and they were properly dressed for the weather, while I was not. I asked them whether they came from Sweden. They became very happy.
    2. High School Graduation is a very meaningful event to everybody. This is particularly so in Sweden. These young prommers were walking on the street of Vaxjo in their prom dresses. They were looking like dolls (2006).
      I had a photo with them.
    3. Beer and Cigarette. Here is another form of celebration of their graduation (2002).

    4. Two Swedish shop keepers in Vaxjo (2010). I asked them whether their ancestors were Vikings. They said they are the Vikings. Very cheerful ladies.
    5. Two Swedish ladies with a Hungarian father. Their father came from Budapest as an engineer for a Swedish telephone company and was responsible for technical innovations. This company is now known as "Ericsson." When their father was a high-school student in Budapest, he had a classmate named Eugene Wigner. When Wigner got his Nobel prize in 1963, these ladies accompanied him to the Nobel dinner at the city hall, whose tower is seen in this photo taken in (2010). Click here for his high school page.

  • Everybody is my friend in Budapest (2002). I have been to Budapest many times, and I feel quite home there. Everybody in Budapest is my friend. I have a theory of why I am so close to Hungarians, but let us look at photos first.
    1. Two Hungarian shop Keepers taking a cigarette break in Budapest (2003).
    2. Two Hungarian students. In preparation for the Wigner Centennial, I went to Pecs in April of 2000. It was a rainy day, but the students were kind enough to take turns (or compete) to provide umbrella cover for me. Very kind ladies, indeed.
    3. In 2002, the Wigner Centennial Conference was held in Pecs. I had a photo with these two students who worked for the conference with dedication. They made every participant happy.
    4. Two Hungarian ladies at a Budapest subway station (2008).
    5. Two Hungarian Sisters in Budapest (2003).

    6. Two students on Vaci Street, the main shopping area of Budapest (2003).
    7. Two students at the Vorosmarty Square at the northern end of Vaci Street.
    8. Two students at the southern end of Vaci Street.

  • Two students working for the Wigner 111 Symposium held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2013). They are graduate students working tward their PhD degrees.
    1. Two Hungarian students who worked for the Wigner centiniel conference in Pecs (2002). Pecs (2002).
    2. Two students working for the Vodafone Telephone Company in Pecs (2002).
    3. Two Hungarian scientists at the Royal Palace Hotel in Athens (Greece 2010). They were attending a conference.
    4. Salzburg. Two Hungarian ladies working at Ramada International Hotel In Salzburg (Austria, June 2013).
    5. Malev Hungarian Airlines, during a flight from Milan to Budapest (July 13, 2002). This is a major route between the Western world and Eastern European and Former Soviet territories. I go to Hungary often on Malev flights.

  • Israeli family I met in London (2008). I met them in one of the Garfunkel restaurants in London. They said they are descendants of Israeli farmers who never left their land since the time of King David. I asked them why God did not accept Cain's offering, while he was a hard-working farmer. They said they do not know, but this story has been bothersome to them for many years. I told them I was in the same situation because my grandfather was a farmer. I told them I found out the reason recently, and I gave my explanation. They became happy. Like to know why? Please email me at
    1. Two Israeli ladies on the bank of the Salzach River in Salzburg (Austria 2013).
    2. Two Israeli medical doctors in New York (2014). They are fresh graduates of a medical school in Israel. They came to New York for their post-doctoral programs (called intern-resident ships in the medical world). I met them near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and had a brief conversation with them. Very bright young ladies!!
    3. Israeli mother and daughter at the Telaviv Airport while waiting for a flight to Mink (2019). Before and after World War II, many Jewish people migrated to Israel from Poland and Belarus. Thus, many young Israelis want to visit the place where their grandparents came from. I was also going to Minsk in order to attend a conference. We had to change flight at the Warsaw Airport. While waiting, I was sitting

  • Two Alps ladies in Switzerland (2004). I am drinking Alps water coming from the
    1. Alps snow.

    2. Swiss lady from Geneva. I met her at the the breakfast room of one of the George Washington University Hotel in Washington, DC (2012). When I propose a photo, she said Yes but No, because she did not want embarrass her husband. She then came in when I was having a photo from a medical researcher from Qatar.

    3. These two ladies were at the statue of Urlich Zwingli in Zurich. They were very happy to have a photo with me. I was very happy to see Zwingli's name. I learned about him as a religious reformer when I was in high school.

    4. Swiss International Airlines ladies in New York (November 2009). In the middle. I was invited to stand between them.
    5. I met these two Swiss ladies at the Zurich airport when I arrived there in September of 2014. They work for the American Express, and they became impressed when I told them I have been an Amex member since 1967, long before they were born. They said they speak four different languages. In addition, one of them was able to speak Japanese. It had a pleasure of speaking Japanese with her.
    6. Two Swiss ladies at the sand beach in Tel Aviv (Israel 2019).

  • with South African Ladies, while waiting for a flight to Copenhagen at the Frankfurt Airport (June 2002).

  • Czech Airlines ladies in an elevator at the Hotel Pennsylvania (New York, December 2007).
    1. Czech and Slovakia in a London subway train (September 2008).
    2. Moravian students in Oloumoc. Moravia is a province of Czech Republic (2009).
    3. Two Czech students at London's Kensington Gardens (2010).
    4. Czech lady with her Hungarian friend in Frankfurt (Germany 2012). They are financial engineers.
    5. Czech sisters in London (2013). Very intelligent and cheerful young ladies.

  • Mongolian Ladies. Mongolians are ethnically different from Chinese, as Koreans are. I met these ladies at the Chatley metro interchange in Paris. This photo shows that Koreans came to Korea from Mongolia some years ago. These ladies knew that I am a Korean from my appearance. We exchanged pleasant talks until their metro train came (July 2000).
    1. In the Coloseum of Rome, I met these two Mongolian ladies (2012). They were also happy to meet a Korean man. They look like Koreas.
    2. Click here for more Mongolian friends.

  • Japanese ladies in Milan. I shared a dinner table with these Japanese ladies at an Italian restaurant in Milan (November 2003). They are mother and daughter. The mother studied American literature, and the daughter is studying business. Where is the father? He is a prominent lawyer in Japan and is very busy.
    1. Japane Mother and Daughter in Rome (2010). I met them at the breakfast room of the Hotel Metropol near the Termini.
    2. Japanese Students I met at the British Museum (London 2009).
    3. Japanese Students I met in Paris, near the Opera House (2010).
    4. Two students in Tokyo waiting in the line for a movie premier (2014).

  • Japanese Mother and Daughter in Las Vegas (2012). I met them in the Caser Forum with expensice stores. They became delighted when I spoke Japanese.
    1. Japanese Ladies in Las Vegas (2012). They looked so young that I thought they were students. They said they are working for a financial company in Tokyo. I met them in the the Caesar Palace Frorum, where people spend good time without gambling.
    2. Japanese Mother and Daughter in Vienna (2013). I met them at the breakfast room in a hotel near St. Stephen's Plaza. Very cheerful ladies!
    3. Two Japanese Professionals in New York (2013). We met at one of the Korean restaurants on 32nd Street (Korea Way). They seem to have their bright futures. It was a pleasure for me to speak Japanese to them.
    4. Two young ladies in their Kimono at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. They said their backs are more beautiful.

    5. Japanese Ladies in Buenos Aires (May 2011). I met them at a Bulgarian festivel held at the city center.
    6. Two cheerful Japanese ladies at the breakfast room of the Hotel National in Moscow (2018). This hotel is west of the Red Square, and its breakfast room provides a spectacular view of Moscow's Manezhnaya Square. Vladimir Lenin's tomb on the Red Square is seen in this photo.

      Click here
      for more photos of this Square.

    7. Japanese students in Seoul (2017). They became amused when I told them the building behind them used to be a Mitsukosi department store until 1945.
    8. Japanese students at the Myungdong shopping district of Seoul (2017). They became surprised and happy when I spoke Japanese.

  • Two Chinese Actresses in Santorini (Greece 2010). They came from Beijing, and I had a photo with them.
    1. Chinese Scientists in Vienna. I met these ladies in Vienna's Musikverein (2007). They both studied at Beijing's Tsinghwa University. One of them is working in Sinkiang Province (west) and the other is working in Gwangjou Province (south). As China becomes richer, I see an increasing number of Chinese in music halls of Europe. I expect to see more in the coming years.

    2. Two Chinese Ladies in St. Petersburg (Russia 2004). They were spending their vacation week in Russia. I went there for attending a conference. Very cheerful ladies. They even sent me an e-mail from Hong Kong.
    3. From Xinkiang. These ladies came from China's Xinkiang province, the far-western province which borders with Kazakhstan. We do not meet the people from this area too often, but they were like neighbors when I was talking to them (Minsk, May 2002). Very kind ladies!
    4. Chinese Students at the Amsterdam Airport (2003). Chinese students are everywhere in the world.
    5. Chinese Students at the Manchester Airport (2013).
    6. Two Chinese students in Qingdao (2014). Do you know where Qingdao is?

    7. Two Chinese ladies on a narrow street in Seville (Spain 2019). One came from Qingtao (north) and the other from Guangzhou (south). They both use the same Chinese letters but they pronounce quite differently. I assume they know how to communicate. Korea is quite close to Qingtao (north) and far away from Guangzhou (south), but the Korean pronunciation of Chinese characters is very similar to that of Guangzhou, and quite different from the way they pronounce in Qingtao (north). I told this story to them. They were wondering.

  • China Eastern Airlines. Flight from Shanghai to Hongking (August 2, 2011)
    1. China Eastern Airlines. Flight from Shanghai to Hongking (August 2, 2011). This photo was taken by this shy lady, but she should be included in this album.
    2. Cnina Eastern. Flight from Hongkong to Xian (August 2011).
    3. China Eastern ladies to at the Shanghai Airport (April 15, 2014).
    4. China Southern Airlines from Dandong to Shanghai (April 27, 2014).

  • In Canton, they still speak the original Tang Chinese, while the Chinese language got mixed up in the north dues to repeated barbarian invasions. Koreans still maintain the Tang pronunciation, because they imported Tang poems and bulk of Chinese culture during the Tang Dynasty (600 -- 900 AD).
    1. In this photo, I am closer to the Beijing lady, because Korea is closer to Beijing geographically, and the Canton lady got turned off.
    2. I then moved closer to the Canton lady, because we speak in the same way. She became very happy.

  • Two Students at a bus Stop in Xian (2011). I was a total stranger to them, but they had a chance to practice their English. They became very happy when I proposed a photo. They seem to know how to dress up.
    1. Two hostesses at the rooftop tea room of the Sofitel Hotel (French chain) in Xian (2011). This hotel makes every effort to offer a combination of Chinese elegance and French elegance.
    2. Two hostesses at the Japanese restaurant called "Koi." One of them is dressed like a Japanese lady, but both of them are Chinese.
    3. Two artists at the Xian airport. We were waiting for a flight to Shenyang (2011).

  • Two sisters in Nanjing. I spotted these two sisters at the Opium War Museum in Nanjing. However, they turned out to be mother and daughter. Later there appeared a younger boy, and I had a photo with the daughter and her younger brother. About one minitute later, their father came, and I was fortunante enough to have a photo of this Chinese family with two children. Exceptional family in the one-child country.
    1. Two ladies from China's Yunnan (south of cloud) Province. They were wearing their traditional dresses.

    2. Tall hotel receptionists at Nanjing's Jian-guo hotel. I stayed in this hotel when I was in Nanjing (April 2013). I thought they would be good candidates for airline hostessed, and I said so. They said they would think about.
    3. Two research scientists at a hotel breakfast room in Nanjing. They enjoyed speaking English (2013).

  • Two medical doctors from Shanghai (April 2014). We shared the same table on an evening cruise boat on the Yangtze River in Chongking.

  • In Beijing (1995). Chinese ladies shy to pose with a strange man, but feel secure with police officers. Things were different when I was there in 1995.
    1. Two Tour Guides during their off-duty hours. They wanted to practice their English near the Tian Anmin Square (2011).
    2. Two receptionists at one of the restaurants in the Beijing Hotel. They were so persuasive that I had to go into their place and order expensive items.
    3. Two Students at Peking University. We had this photo earlier, but these girls pushed away their male classmate. In the background is the main library of the University. Chairman Mao Zedong once worked in this libray's old building.

    4. Two Chinese Financial Engineers working for a petrolium company bringing oil from the northwestern region of China. One of these ladies studied in England. This photo was taken in the lobby of the Beijing International Hotel (2011). I stayed in this hotel in 1995. In 2011, I was surprised to see so many young capitalists in the lobby of this hotel.
    5. Chinese Mother and Daughter at the National Museum on the eastern edge of the Tien-An-Min Square. They do not live in Beijing, but this 13-year-old daugther was spending her summer months in Beijing to study English. While the mother was not able to speak English, the daughter was able to communicate with me fluently. Her mother was somewhat lost, but was very proud of her daughter. I was very happy.
    6. Two Chinese Students I met in the Forbidden City. They are studying Spanish. They like to go to South America.

  • English Ladies in Windsor enjoying their afternoon tea (March 2004). Windsor is about 60 kilometers from London, and the Windsor Castle is the residence of the Queen. The elite high school called "Eton College" is also in the town of Windsor.
    1. English Lady with her Granddaughter in London (2004).
    2. British mother and daughter. I met them in the breakfast room of the Hotel Tropicana in Las Vegas (2012). Many Europeans come to Las Vegas to satisfy their curiosity. So did I. It was my first trip to this city.
    3. British Students at the Imperial College (London 2010).
    4. Two students in a London subway train on the first day of January (2012) after seeing the Thames firework.
    5. British Airways, from London Heathrow to New York JfK (January 2007).
    6. In New York, I met these cheerful Virgin Atlantic ladies on Broadway at 32nd Street (March 2007).
    7. Check-in ladies at the Edinburgh Airport in Scotland (June 2013). Here is another photo. Beautiful and cheerful Scottish ladies.
    8. Irish lady and her granddaughter, in the lobby of the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York (November 2006). They came from Dublin for vacation.
    9. Two British Students at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (2013). We shared a lunch table at the student center.

  • Two Spanish ladies at the lobby of the Hotel Fernando III in Seville (2019). Who was Fernando III? Click here.
    1. Two Spanish ladies from the Canary Island. This photo was taken at the Granada Airport in Spain (2018).
    2. Two ladies working at an information office in Seville (2019).
    3. Two Spanish ladies at the the Plaza de Espaņa, Seville (2019). They came from a northern province of Spain. Seville was a curious place for them.

    4. Two Spanish ladies at the top of New York's One World Building (2016).
    5. Spanish Students at London's Kensington Parks (2010).
    6. Two Spanish students in Berlin near the main campus of Humboldt University (2015).
    7. Spanish Ladies in London. This photo was produced at one of the Mark & Spencer department stores. I met them the day before in one of the restaurants. We were very happy to meet again.
    8. Spanish Students at London's Kensington Parks (2010).
    9. Two Spanish ladies at the top of New York' World Trade Center (2016).

  • Australian Sisters. I met these Australian sisters at a restaurants on the Vorosmarty Square in Budapest (2003). One of them is working in London, and the other came from Sydney to visit her sister.
    1. Another set of Australian mother and daughter in Athens (Greece 2008).
    2. Two ladies from the Quantas Airlines. This photo was taken in London (2008).
    3. I met these two senior citizens from Australia on a river cruise boat in May 2016. They came to see New Orleans and the Mississippi in spite of their difficulty in walking. They were quite proud of the Sydney Opera House, and I told them I was there in 1998, to see Verde's La Traviata.

  • Two Singapore Airline ladies on a cruise boat along the Rhine River in Germany (2002). They were very happy not to wear their airline uniforms. They were off duty and they were free.

  • Independence Day of the Philippines. I met these two Philipino ladies at a drinking room in Copenhagen's Marriott Hotel where I stayed in 2002. They told me they were making preparations for the celebration of their country's independence day on the 12th day of June. They then invited me to the celebration. At that time, I was going to Sweden for a conference and was going to come back to Copenhagen a week later. I thus accepted their invitation, and went to the party.
    1. Two philipino sisters at the Claude Monet Garden in Giverny (France 2014). This photo looks like Monet's painting.
    2. Two philipino ladies I met at the Horiuji Temple in Nara (Japan 2014).

  • Two Malaysian Engineers in Shanghai. We were attending the same conference (2011).
    1. Two Malaysian ladies in Berlin (2016)
    2. Two Malaysian sisters in Seoul, Korea (2017)

  • Indian Sisters on a cruise boat in Miami (January 2004). They are both computer professionals. The younger sister (next to me) lives in Miami, and the elder sister came to Miami from Mumbai to visit her younger sister.
    1. Indian student with her Russian friend working at a restaurant in New York (2010).
    2. Indian folk dancer with her friend at an gathering of Indian students and their friends at the University of Maryland (October 2015),
    3. Two Indian ladies in their Halloween hairstyles (Fairfax, Virginia 2015).
    4. Indian mother and daughter in Seville (Spain 2019).

  • Pakistan International Airlines in New York. Moslem ladies working for the Pakistani International Airlines (February 2001). This photo was taken in the lobby of the Hotel Pennsylvania at the 8th Ave. and 32nd St. This hotel was called "Statler Hilton" in the 1950s, and used to host annual APS meetings for physicists. These days, this hotel hosts airline crews from many different countries, and serves as a heaven for girl watchers. The hotel managers know this, and there are no sofas in the lobby. Sorry! You have to stand up.
    1. Another Set of Pakistan Ladies in different costumes. This photo was taken again at the at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York (2003). I meet them frequently when I go to New York. In spite of their Moslem tradition, they become very happy whenever I propose photo with them (April 2003). This of course encourage me to fly on their airlines.
      Wihtout me, they are more relaxed.

  • Croatian ladies on Mariyln Monroe's subway grates (2009). Monro was at this spot when her 1955 movie was shot. The title of this movie is "Seven Year itch."
    1. Croatian Mother and Daughter at New York's Solomon Guggenheim Museum (2007). They came from Dvornik and invited me to visit them when I come to the Balkan area.

  • Card Vender and her Daughter in Ankara (January 2005). I bought five post cards from her. She is very happy not because she made money, but because her daughter's math grade became improved. Three Turkish men are laughing because this lady is having a photo with a strange man, and were threatening to tell her husband about this abnormal incident.
    1. Moon Light, with one Turkish professor and one Spanish professor (Naples 1999).
    2. Turkish Sisters at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel near Washington DC, USA (February 2005). We were having a Sunday brunch at the hotel's restaurant. There are many well-to-do Turkish immigrants in the United States.
    3. Two Turkish ladies of Armenian Origin. There are many Armenians in Turkey. They are Turkish citizens, but they are Christians. This photo was taken on a ferry boat in Istanbul (August 1999).

  • Armenian Reporters: Two newspaper reporters in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. They came to the city square to report on the demonstration by Armenians against selling their wine company to a French firm (August 1998).

    1. To me, however, they asked many questions about Bill Clinton who had woman problems at that time. I told them I came from Washington, DC, USA. Their questions were so intense that I forgot to ask them to have a photo together, but they deserve to be on my Garden of Eden.

      Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. From this city, you can see the Mount Ararat where Noah built his ark some years ago.

    2. Armenian real estate dealers in Yerevan (1998). They were interested in whether I intend to buy properties in their country. I told them I am interested, but did not bring enough money with me.

    Two French (left) and
    two Romanian ladies.

  • Two Romanian ladies (right) and two French ladies (left) in Heidelberg, Germany (2016). When I mentioned George Enescu, the Romanian ladies became impressed, while the French ladies were lost. When I said he died in Paris and buried there, the French ladies asked me "Pere Lachaise Cemetery."

    I said Yes, and told them I have been there twice. Indeed, I have a photo of myself at Enescu's grave. Those Romanian ladies never heard about this this place. I was so proud of myself.

    1. Two Romanian ladies in Rome, while waiting in the line to enter the Christmas mass to be held in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City (2016).

    2. Two Romanian ladies inside the Catholic Cathedral in Cordova (Spain 2019). This building was originally built by Moslem Arabs for their mosque.

    3. Two Romanian ladies in Seoul (2017). Romanians fun-loving people. So are Koreans. Romanians had a dictator named Nicolae Ceaucescu. Koreans also had some notable dictators in recent history. These ladies became impressed when I mentioned George Enescu, who a Romanian composer who introduced his country to the world with his music.

      North Korea's Kim Il-Sung used to be Ceaucescu's best friend. Click here for Ceaucescu's visit to Pyongyang in 1978. Some people in South Korea like Park Chung-Hee and some dislike him. In either case, they all agree that Park was a dictator. You will be interested to know Park copied Romania's constitution for his own "Yushin" constitution.

    4. Two students from Moldavia at the Law School of the University of Bologna (2014). This university, set up in 1088, is the first university in Europe. It started with its law school. It was a pleasure to learn the history of this university from these young ladies.

      They are Moldavians but are Romanians ethnically, and they speak Romanian. Their language is very similar to Italian, and they do not have language problems in they study.

  • Navy.The U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis is a college producing top-class scientists. These scientists serve in the U.S. Navy. Jimmy Carter (the president of the United States 1977-1981) studied here, and was a nuclear engineer. This is the campus seen from the Severn River Bridge.
    1. Barnard and Columbia. I met these young ladies during a summer concert by New York Pops Orchestra held at New York's Central Park (July 3, 2004).
    2. American students in Budapest. They are roommates at the University of Washington (2008). They were making a European tour to celebrate their graduation. This photo was taken at Fisherman's Fortress. Here is my Budapest page.
    3. Two American students at a light house in Maine (2008).
    4. Two Stanford students on their campus during the weekend (March 2014).

    5. Two students at George Washington University, near the White House in Washington (2012).
    6. Two students at Carnegie Mellon University (2004). I was a student there from 1954 to 1958. They are therefore 50 years younger than I am. While I was there, all female students had to cover the knees with their skirts. Even these days, they seem to know how to handle their knees. Click here for my webpage dedicated to Carnegie Mellon University.

    7. One Canadian student and one French student in Montreral, on Sherbrookw Street near the camous of McGill University (2017). They speak French to each other, but spoke English when they talked to me.
    8. Two students at Chatham College, all female school near the Carnegie Mellon campus in Pittsburgh. I went there in 2004 in order to referesh my memory of entering Carnegie Tech as a frehman in 1954.
    9. Two American students in Seville (Spain 2019). They came from North Dakoda. I become very happy when I meet American students in Europe.

  • Princeton students enjoying their late Sunday brunch in the Wilcox Hall dining hall (2001). When I was a graduate student there (1958-61), Princeton was an all-male school, and Princeton girls were unthinkable then. Naturally, I beome very happy to meet Princeton girls and Princeton female graduates.
    1. Two Princeton students at London's Heathrow Airport (March 2012). I become very happy whenever I meet Princeton boys and girls, especially in foreign lands. I still become curious when I see princeton girls because there were no female students in Princeton when I was there.
    2. This new Princeton graduate, the day after her commencement (June 2012), came to Washington, DC with her mother to look for opportunities in the nation's capital city. Their car carries a Princeton sign.

    3. In October of 2013, Princeton University gave a big re-union event in order to strengthen the organization of graduate alumni. I am in this photo (second from left on the third row). When I was a student (1958-61), there were no girls. Princeton started granting PhD degrees to women in 1973. It was indeed exciting to see so many female Princeton PhDs there. Here is a pdf version of this photo.
    4. I am like their grandfathers to these young PhDs. Here is another photo.
    5. Well-estblished professionals among the participants.

    6. Two tall ladies at Princeton's Nassau Inn (2013). The Nassau Inn is the hotel closest to the Campus, and accommodates important visitors to the University.
    7. Princeton students one year after their graduation. They came back to the campus to look around (2016). So did I after many years (My degree in 1961).

  • When I was in Florence, Italy (September 2014), I noticed Enrico Fermi's tomb was added to the wall of the Basilica of Santa Croce.
    1. Fermi's tomb was about 25 meters away from the tomb of Galileo Galilei. I was happy to see Galileo's tomb when I was there in 2004, but Fermi's tomb was not there.
    2. I had a photo of myself in front of this tomb, but I wanted to brag about myself to some people.
    3. I then met an American lady with her Australian friend. They spoke English.

    I explained to them Fermi was the person who opened the nuclear age while he was a professor at the University of Chicago. These ladies then asked me whether I met Fermi. I said No, but told them my PhD thesis advisor was Fermi's student. They then became impressed, and were very happy to have a photo with a Princeton boy.

  • American Mother and Daughter in Paris. It is an unusual pleasure to meet American ladies at a Paris cafe to talk about various regions of the United States (2004). I become happier when I meet with both mother and daughter. I like to talk to the mother because I belong to the same generation as hers, and the daughter because I teach young people like her.
    1. Two American Actresses in New York (2003). There are many interesting people in New York.
    2. Two ladies from New York near the Dupont Circle in Washington, DC (2004).
    3. Canadian mother and daughter in Paris (2010). I asked them whether they are sisters. The mother became very happy and confessed she is older than her daughter.
    4. Another set of Mother and Daughter. I met them at a classy tea room in one of the Ritz-Carleton hotels near Washington, DC. Can you tell who is the mother? They were kind enough to have a photo with me (April 2006).
    5. Two American tourists at the Temple of Zeus in Athens(Greece 2010). They came from Annapolis (Maryland) not far from my house.
    6. Two Californian ladies from Los Angeles (2012). This photo was taken in front of the Trevi fountain at the Caesar Forum in Las Vegas. Californians are special Americans.

    7. Two American ladies at the Korea Bell Garden near Washington, DC (2012).
    8. Two American ladies from Atlanta. I met them on a ferry boat from Cancun to the Mujares Island (2013). I asked them whether they met Jimmy Carter. They said their children and Carter's grandchildren go to the same school.
    9. Two Canadian ladies at the Alexander Platz in Berlin, during the Oktoberfest (2014).
    10. Two Canadian ladies at a sidewalk cafe in Montreal (2017).
    11. Two American ladies in Rockville, Maryland (2018). One of them came from Korea in 1998 when she was very young. Her American friend in this photo enjoys Korean TV dramas.

  • Canadian Medical Doctors on the St. Lawrence River (Montreal 2004)
    1. Another set of doctors, and
    2. Troubadour musicians at the Cabaret du Roy in Old Montreal (Canada 2004).
    3. Two American Ladies outside the Old Ebbit Grill near the White House during the Christmas season (December 2012). The Old Ebitt is an up-scale trendy restaurant and is a gathering place for young Americans working for the government.
    4. Two American Shoppers during the Christmas season (December 2008) at the Tysons Gallery Mall near Washington, DC. This shopping mall looks like this during the holiday season.

  • Two Canadian receptionists at Montreal's Lekeg steak house (2004).
    1. Two American Hostesses at Les Halles Restaurant in New York (2009). This place is a moderately priced French restaurant French restaurant south of the Empire State Building. Many interesting people come here to spend their evening hours. I go there often. This photo was taken in 2009.
    2. Two Americcan Receptionists, at an upscale riverside restaurant in Washington (2012). When I was passing by they asked me what they can do for me. I told them they can have a photo with me. Very cheerful ladies.

  • Northwest. These NW ladies were still cheerful after a tiresome trans-Atlantic flight from Amsterdam to Washington's Dulles Airport. This photo was taken on a moving lounge at the Dulles Airport (May 2003).

    I took a NW flight when I was coming to the United States from Korea in 1954 right after my high school. Those NW ladies took care of me well. One of them scolded me for my unruly boyish behavior. Indeed, the Northwest has a special meaning to me. I feel quite secure with those NW ladies. At that time, the airline was called the Northwest-Orient Airlines, and was the dominant trans-Pacific carrier.

    1. From Detroit to Shanghai (July 2011). I was fortunate enough to be in the business-class cabin of another Northwest flight, and I met these two senior pursera who spent most of their professional years with NW. Because the Northwest was absorbed into the Delta Airlines recently, they were wearing Delta uniforms.
    2. During a Delta flight from Detroit to Shanghai (April 2013).
    3. From Shanghai to Atlanta (April 2013).

    4. American Airlines, during a flight from Miami (Florida, USA) to Cancum (Mexico), July 2004.
    5. Business Class. Experienced ladies serving in the business class cabin during an AA flight from Frankfurt to Chicago (January 2005).
    6. In February of 2013, at the George H. Bush Airport in Houston, these Continental ladies were still wearing their traditional uniforms. They became very happy because I was able to recognize their uniform. The Continental Airlines became merged into the United Airlines in 2011.
    7. In February of 2013, at the George H. Bush
    8. Delta flight from Incheon to Washington (20170.
  • U.S.Airways information officers at Munich's Frank Joseph-Strauss Airport (June 2013). On my right is an Italian lady. On my left is a British lady from England.

  • Korean Singers. I become vary happy when I attend Korean parties. I am enjoying a party for those Koreans who came from the North to South during the years 1945 - 50, because they did not like the communist rule being installed in the North.
    1. Two Korean Ladies in Vienna dancing on Karnstner Street (October 2001). Another set of Korean Ladies at the same spot.
    2. Top Lady Physicists from Korea. These two ladies are the leaders of women scientists in Korea. Korea is indeed fortunate to have many bright lady researchers, and they play an increasingly important role in Korea's research community. The lady next to me is Dr. Kwang-Hwa Chung of the Korea Research Institute of Standards. The other lady is Dr. Yong-Hyeon Shin who is Dr. Chung's colleague. I met Dr. Chung in Pittsburgh when she was a student at the Univ. of Pittsburgh in 1975. These ladies were kind enough to came to my office while visiting the Univ. of Maryland in August 2002. Dr. Chung is now the director of Korea Research Insttitute of Science and Standards.
    3. I am younger than these two ladies. Both came from very distinguished families. The lady next to me is an established pianist. Her father was one of the richest men in Korea, and he used to be the biggest financial contributor to the other exclusive high school, not to her daughter's school. I assume he had good reasons. I had three overlapping years with in Pittburgh with her while her husband was a graduate student at Carnegie Tech (now called Carnegie-Mellon University). She talks to me like my elder sister.

    4. Two Korean economists attending a conference in Dresden, Germany (2018). They were staying at a 5-star hotel in Dresden. I met them at the hotel's breakfast room.
    5. Two fashion designers from Korea in Seville (Spain 2019). This city was originally built by Arab Moslems during the years 800-1200 AD. Apparentely they had an idea of constructing their city as a botanic garden. Brilliant idea!! There are many trees about 1000 years old.

  • Two Korean Ladies in Paris (July 2015). This photo was taken near the Picasso Museum in Paris. We were there. Koreans are art-loving people.
    1. Korean Students in Paris.They were travelling around Euopean cities during their winter break (January 2010).
    2. Samsung Employees in Copenhagen (2010). They were spending their vacation week in Europe.
    3. Two Korean Ladies in Rome (2012). One of them (closer to me) is studying in France, and the other lady came from Korea. They were friends in Korea, and they met in Rome.
    4. Two Korean students in Salzburg, Austria (2013). We met at Morzart's childhood house. I noted that I am as old as their grandfathers.
    5. Two Korean students in Venice on a waterbus to Murano (2014).
    6. Two office workers from Korea (2014). at one of the glass shops in the Murano Island of Venice.
    7. Korean student and her aunt in Moscow. This student came from Korea to Moscow to participate in the annual Tchaikovsky competition for young musicians (2014). She came with her aunt who lives in California.
    8. Two Korean students at Stanford University. (2014).
    9. Korean folk dancers from Los Angeles who came to who came to Washington, DC for the Hallyu meeting held at the Cannon Caucus Room of the U.S. Congress. They were born in USA, and are in their high schools.

  • Korean Airlines (2004). When they come to New York, these Korean Airlines ladies stay in the Holiday Inn located in New York's prosperous Korean town around Broadway and the 32nd Street. This photo was taken on December 24, 2004. These ladies had to spend the Christmas day away from home.

    1. Two Korean students at the breakfast room of the Courtyard Hotel in Seoul (2017). Seoul's Namsan is seen in the background.
    2. Two Korean ladies at the Fontana Trevi in Busan (2017).

    3. Two Korean Defectors from the North. I was very happy to have a photo with them near Washingto, DC (2010), because I am also a defector from the North. I came to the South in 1946 before Stalin and Beria of the Soviet Union formally installed in 1948 their Democratic People's Republic of Korea with Kim Il-Sung as their puppet.

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