Feynman and Regge Poles

It was September of 1959. I was working hard for my PhD qualifying exam at Princeton University. One of my classmates circulated a prank memo saying that there would be one problem in the exam about complex angular momentum. Then there was a colloquium announcement that Tullio Regge of the Institute for Advanced Study would talk on "Complex Angular Momentum." Yes, the Chew-Frautschi plot played a very important role in physics. Did you know that the present form of string theory started from Regge trajectories? It is possible that their origin is not as simple as three-dimensional harmonic oscillators. Then, it has been forty five years since Chew showed his transparency in 1962. If the answer to this question is other than the observation made by Feynman in 1970, we must hear something about it by now.

Physics may and will go through evolutions in the future, but harmonic oscillators will stay with physics. Feynman was able to observe this point. This is the reason why we think he is still alive.

Y.S.Kim (2007.6.18)