The porducer of this photo knew what he/she was doing. Einstein is happier with a woman, even in Heaven.

Einstein's Women

      Elsa and her husband arriving in New York (1933).
  • Elsa Einstein was Einstein's second wife. She was a first cousin of Albert Einstein through their mothers (their mothers were sisters). Their fathers were first cousins. Thus, Elsa was Einstein' second cousin. Her maiden name was thus Elsa Einstein.

    She came to the Princeton in the United States with her husband in 1933, to avoid Hitler's atrocity. She died there in 1936.

    Here is another photo of Elsa with Einstein. This photo is from the Einstein Museum in Bern.

  • Johanna Fantova met Einstein in the 1920s while they were in Europe. She then came to Princeton to become a librarian at the University. It is quite possible that she came to Princeton to meet Einstein.

    Apparently they spent time together often. Here is an article about them published in one of the Princeton magazines (2004).

    It appears that they were enjoying boating together at the Lake Carnegie in Princeton. Princeton was developed as college town (all-male school until 1969). It was a dull place. The Lake Carnegie was an important relaxing spot for the residents of Princeton.

Relaxing moments at his home in Princeton.

    Here again, Einstein's posture was enhanced by this neat-looking lady,

    Einstein's House on Mercr Street in Princeton. I am standing on the Street.

  • I found this photo at one of the the Einstein Museums in Bern, Switzerland. The caption says in three languages: German, French, and English. It says "Einstein's Life in Mercer Street 112 in Princeton."

  • There are two museums in Bern (Switzerland) dedicated to Einstein.

    1. One is the Einsteinhaus, the apartment where Einstein lived from 1902 to 1914, while working for the Swiss patent office.

    2. The other is the Einstein Section at the History Musuem of Bern.

    3. I was at the both places. Click here for my photos from Einstein's Bern.

  • In 1914, Einstein moved from Bern to Berlin. Click here for Einstein in Berlin.

  • In 1933, Einstein moved with Elsa (his second wife) to Princeton, New Jersey, USA. He died there in 1955. Click here for my photos from Princeton.

  • In August of 1945, Americans ended the Second World War by dropping nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities called Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Einstein became a God-like scientist even though he had nothing to do with the designing process of the bomb.

  • He then became known as the father of theories of relativity. Thus, many ambitious students wanted to go to Princeton to work with Einstein on relativity. This trend continued until the 1960s long after he died in 1955. I was one of those ambitious boys, and I went to Princeton in 1958, three years after he went to Heaven. How did I then talk to Einstein? Click here for my answer.

  • Einstein's formula E = mc2 serves as his nickname. This formula is more than 100 years old. What happened since then? Click here for further contents of this formla.