This package now includes a photo of Murray Gell-Mann talking to Eugene Wigner and John Bardeen during the first Wigner Symposium held at the Univ. of Maryland in 1988.

Eugene Wigner and John von Neumann came from the same high school in Budapest, called Budapesti Evangelikus Gimnazium.

The following photos are available from this high school.

  1. photo of the high school campus
  2. class photo of 1920 with Eugene Wigner
  3. class photo of 1921 with John von Neumann.

In addition, copies the following items are still available.

  1. portrait of Wigner and Einstein by Bulent Ataley (1978)
  2. color photo of Mr. and Mrs. Wigner which Y.S.Kim took
    in 1991 with his Canon AE-1 camera.
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