Where were you on June 28 and 29, 1950?

    This photo was taken in Kharkov (Ukraine). I look OK with a lady, soldiers, and a T-34 tank.

    Kharkov is an Ukrainian city where the Soviet engineers developed their T-34 tanks. While Kharkov was occupied by German troops during World War II, Soviets moved their tank factory to an Ural-mountain city of Chelyabinsk, where they mass-produced those T-34 tanks. With those tanks, Soviets scored a decisive victory over the German army at the Kursk (south of Moscow) tank battle of 1943. From there, Germans started losing the war. Here is my photo with one of the Kursk veterans.

    Stalin initially gave 200 of those T-34 tanks to Kim Il-Sung in 1948. They showed up in Seoul in the morning of June 29, 1950.

    I once went out with a Russian young lady whose grandmother worked at the tank factory in Chelyabinsk during World War II. It was an out-door factory. Soviets did not have enough time and resources to construct the factory buildings.

T-34 Tank in Seoul, June 29, 1950.