I am in the competitive academic world. There are many highly-respected names in my field. However, if they behave like a 5-year-old child, they become very ugly. Click here for a beautiful story about a son of my friend.

Two Ugly Men in Physics

They were well-respected physicists, but I have to say
    they are like beasts (without culture)
if they say my papers are wrong without providing proofs.

Arthur Wightman and Louis Michel

  • Arthur Wightman and Louis Michel were two of the most respected mathematical physicists during the latter half of the 20th Century. Their names were mentioned in the English version of Wigner's book entitled "Group Theory and Atomic Spectra."

    However, they did not know they were not big enough to say "any paper is wrong" without providing proof.

  • When I was a student at Princeton (1961), I was in Wightman's class on the Lorentz group, where he gave lectures based on Wigners's 1939 paper on the same subject.

  • Louis Michel visited the University of Maryland in 1970 for one semester giving lectures on Wigner's 1939 paper. I attended all of his lectures, and I organized a small dinner meeting honoring him.

    From their point of view, I had to get their permissions before approaching Wigner. From my point of view, I met Wigner while I was a student at Princeton, and I used to talk with him on various issues. I did not feel I needed permissions from anyone for contacting Wigner.

  • While I was a student at Princeton, I enjoyed talking with Wigner, on various issues including the communist threats from the Soviet Union. He came from Hungary, and I came from Korea. We did not like what Soviet communists did to Hungary and to Korea.

    Needless to say, my most important conversation with Wigner was on his 1939 paper on the Lorentz group.

  • As soon as I started publishing papers with Wigner in 1987, Michel and Wightman started behaving like King Herod:

      Wigner was theirs. How can anyone other than themselves publish papers with him? This person should be eliminated.

    Wightman was unhappy with this table:

    Contents of Einstein's E = mc2

    Particle Massive/Slow between Massless/Fast
    Einstein Energy
    E = p2/2m E =
    [m2c4 + (cp)2]1/2
    E = cp
    Wigner Helicity
    Spin, Gauge
    S1 S2
    1939 paper
    Gauge Trans.
    included in a paper I published with my younger colleagues in 1986.

  • Wightman told me this table is incorrect. Since his office and Wigner's office were in the same physics building on the campus of Princeton University, Wightmsn must have told the same story to Wigner, but Wigner stood with me.

    Wigner understood this table, while Wightman did not. Wigner was very happy with me because this table tells his coordinate in Einstein's scientific genealogy.

    Wightman knew me well. Before telling anyone this table is wrong, he should have asked me to explain how I arrived at this table. He thought this table would become wrong if he stamped so. He was not a civilized person.

  • Louis Michel was a highly respected French mathematical physicist, and I was always polite to him when I met him. I even organized a small party honoring him when he visited the University of Maryland. However, it was totally unacceptable to him when I was publishing papers with Wigner without his permission.

    He wrote a letter to the president of my university to fire me because I was publishing wrong papers with Wigner. However, the president was very happy with me because Wigner was visiting the University at my invitation. Michel's letter became a big joke not only to me but also to the president of my university.

  • Michel and Wightman thought the above table was wrong because their names were not there.

    They did not know about themselves.
    They were famous, but not wise enough to hide
    their lack of competence.

  • Furthermore, they were more than 10 years older than I was. They grew up in the Western world where the people with non-white skins appeared inferior. This kind of mentality still exists in the academic world, perhaps to lesser extent.

    It is very safe to say that Michel and Wightman were the victims of their own outdated racism.

  • I am very fortunate to live in the Washington area. Washington is of course the capital city of the United States. Many Koreans live in this area, and they say that Washington is the capital city of South Korea.

    Koreans in our North Korea (including their rulling family) like to have Washington (not Beijing or Moscow) as their capital city. This is the way in which Korea will be united. I was born and raised there until my family moved to Seoul in 1946 by bribing the communist border guards.

    Those Koreans in the Wasbington area have their own meetings to enjoy their traditional culture, including Korean food, Korean songs and dances, as well as quarrels among themselves. I go to some of those meetings with my family and enjoy my Korean root. In 1988, when my son was five years old, I went to one of those Korean meetings with my wife and my son.

    I met there one of my Korean friends and exchanged friendly greetings. My friend softly tapped the head of my son as a friendly gesture. Then, suddenly, his son (about 5 years old) came and pushed my son away while shouting

    Fellow! He is my dad. Go away.

    This is a beautiful scene of a child for affection to his dad.

  • On the other hand, it is an different story if this kind of scene was produced by the 70-year-old professors receiving world-wide respects.