Maxwell and Wigner

Let us go back to my webpage on Maxwell and Minkowski. There I said
  1. 1n 1908, Minkowski proved Maxwell's equations are covariant under Lorentz transformations, thus are consistent with Einstein's special relativity.

  2. Sam Treiman was my thesis advisor when I was a graduate student at Princeton (1958-61). Steven Weinberg was Treiman's first student and received his PhD degree in 1957.

  3. When I was a student, Weinberg was not famous, but I had to read his thesis before writing mine.

So what? What scientific significance does this carry?

During the years 1961-65, every physicist had to do bootsrap, N/D method, or S-matrix theory. I was also following the trend, and publsihed some nontrivial papers on this subject.

Y. S. Kim (2008.11.15)