Welcome to Y. S. Kim's Home Page!

while attending the Dmitri Volkov Memorial Conference in Kharkov (July 2000),
next to Lev Landau's portrait.

  • I become very happy when I think, unlike Rodin.

  • Socrates fought for and stood by
    what he believed in.
    I believe in him.
  • Education and Employment: PhD (1961) from Princeton University; on the faculty of the University of Maryland since 1962.

  • Research Interests: Elementary particle theory; Lorentz group applicable to other areas of physics including quantum optics, condensed matter physics, and classical mechanics; foundations of quantum mechanics, particularly the question of making the uncertainty principle consistent with special relativity.

  • Professional Activities: Organizing international conferences, internet communication system which privides links to webpages for international conferences. You may click http://ysfine.com to see this program.

  • Extracurricular Activities:

    1. Talking with students on various issues.

    2. Collecting Coca-Cola cans of different designs from different countries.

    3. New Art. How to design webpages?

    4. Show and Tell. I like to tell you stories.

  • True Character: I am a freedom-loving boy, and I enjoy talking/listening to everybody in the world. Please e-mail me at yskim@umd.edu if you have brilliant ideas.