Serbain and Croation Friends proud of Nikola Tesla

  • I met this Serbian lady at Washington's Hey Adams Hotel in Washington. She became very happy when I mentioned Teslar, while he is totally unknown to Americans. She came from Belgrade as a trainee to this hotel. She studied tourism and hotel management in Belgrade. She must have been the No. 1 student there. The Hey Adams hotel is a very prestigious place.

    This Hotel is one block north of the White House, and visiting prime ministers stay there, while visiting presidents stay in the Blair House (official guest house). The room rent at this Hotel is about $3,000 per night. I was fortunate enough to spend one free night in this hotel in 2008.

    Click here for the vicinity of the White House in Washington.

  • In 2006, I dropped in one of the necktie stores in New York. I asked the shop attendant where she came from. She said "Serbia" and then said she is studying electrical engineering.

    I asked whether she knows about Nikola Tesla and told her I have a webpage dedicated to him. We then produced this photo. She asked me to include it in my Tesla page.

    I also asked her whether she knows about Michael Pupin who also came from Serbia. She said No. Not many people know who Pupin was. Like to know?

  • This person owns this necktie store at the Pennsylvania Railroad Station in New York. He also became happy and excited when I mentioned Nikola Teslar.

    His store is between the train platform and the entrance to the station. Thus, I have to pass through this store whenever I go to New York. Here is a photo of myself in front of the store.

    I like this sore because there are many ties with hard-to-find designs. I bought there many ties with paintings by Picasso, Gauguin, and many others. I also bought a tie designed for Egyptian Pharaohs.

  • Three Croatian ladies. I met three ladies from Croatia in front of the Double Tree Hotel on Lexington Ave. and 50th Street in New York (2008). To them, Teslar is Croatian, because his hometown is now in their country. They became excited when I mentioned Nikola Teslar.

    They said they know Teslar died in one of the hotel rooms in New York, and asked whether I know which hotel it was. I told them it was the Hotel New Yorker near the Times Square.

    I asked them whether they saw Marilyn Monroe's film Seven Year Itch? They said YES. I then asked they knew where Marilyn's photo was taken while her skirt was blown up by the wind from a subway grate. They asked me where it was. I told them it was just three meters away from them. They became impressed, and took photos of themselves standing on the grate. I stood with two of them, while one was taking this photo.

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