Einstein's Cain and Abels

Einstein came to Princeton and settled down there in 1933. He stayed there until 1955.

Gödel and Einstein. Image from AIP E. Segre Visual Archives.
While there he did not meet too many people. He was talking with Kurt Gödel frequently, but I am not able to tell what came out from their interaction. While I was a graduate student at Princeton (1958-61), my philosopher friends talked about Gödel's proof all the time, but I never liked what they were saying. Gödel was alive and in town.

A more important question is whether Einstein had an Abel or Abels. Before getting into this question, I would like to invite you to the following map. In the morning, Einstein walked from his house to his office at the Institute of Advanced Study. In the afternoon, he walked along the same route from the Institute to his house.

Why is he with Einstein?
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